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Here at Best of Machinery, we are all about reviews. We are a team of people, looking to help you find the best product for you, as an individual. Reviews are a fantastic way of selecting a product online. It is hard to distinguish the good products from the bad, when there are so many. One can get lost, so we are here to stop that from happening, and make the buying process a lot quicker for you.

We are a group of Machinery experts, who also have done our fair amount of online shopping ourselves! Read more about us here. For more info on our different review categories, please read below.

Power Tools

Whether you are an at-home D.I.Y lover, or a professional builder – power tools are a must for finishing work effectively and cleanly. You will also save yourself a lot of time. It is important to make sure you pick the correct power tool for the job, we want to help you confirm that. Sometimes we may recommend another product that may be even better for the job. Feel free to check out the power tools reviews.

Patio, Lawn & Garden

Do you love your Patio, but the cold weather is keeping you inside? We can solve that for you, with our Patio Heater Review! We don’t stop there, though, we’ve also written up guides on the highest rated and favourited Lawn & Garden Products too. This includes different types of mowers for a perfect Lawn and more. Go to Patio, Lawn & Garden guides.

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Woodworking & Hand Tools

For a Carpenter, Hand Tools are a requirement. However, there are many hand tools that are also required for Building and D.I.Y. Make sure you get the best hand tool for the job, you budget and your individual requirements and read out guides on hand tools.

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