Are Electric leaf Blowers Better than Gas?

So. The big question when you’re shopping for a leaf blower: are electric leaf blowers better than gas?

Well, we’ll give you an answer; however, it’s going to be a bit more in depth than a simple yes or no. There are a lot of situations that could change the answer to this question and they all depends on the individual who needs a blower and their specific circumstances.

Let’s compare the functionality of both electric and gas blowers across the spectrum, though, to give you, the readers, a better picture of what you should expect from any of the blowers of either type that are on today’s market. Click here for our reviews of the best cordless leaf blowers on the market.

There are a number of qualities that we’re going to look at, but let’s begin with the most basic: power. Gas blowers have the fierceness of gas-engines behind them and have traditionally been powerhouses when it comes their ruggedness and ability to tackle any job or task. Electric blowers haven’t really always had anything close to this reputation and have oftentimes only been seen as a product that was good for low-end and residential work.

It is true that the cheaper models of electrics are definitely a great deal for those who live in suburban environment and who don’t really need the power of a more expensive blower. The price gap between the cheapest electric blower that’s suited for blowing leaves off of decks and patios is also incredibly wide when compared to the price of the cheapest gas blower.

Still, in recent years, electric tools have only become stronger and stronger. There are now electric blowers on the market that can give even the strongest gas-powered products a run for their money. Gas will probably always have electrics beat when it comes to raw strength, but a high-end electric is definitely going to be cheaper than a high-end gas alternative and it has its own list of benefits that you will never find with a gas product.

Electrics are, for one, always going to be lighter than gas blowers. Electrics can be so lightweight, in fact, that you only need a single hand to operate some of the most-powerful models that are out there. Gas blowers, contrastingly, are almost always more cumbersome – especially if we’re talking about a gas blower with a backpack attached.

An electric blowers is also going to offer you a ease-of-use that a gas blower just won’t. Gas products often require you to mix expensive fuels, whereas electric blowers only require a charged battery or an outlet to run. For our full review of the best electric powered blowers for your yard, click here.

When it comes to caring about the environment, electric blowers also certainly win in this regard. Gas blowers are known to product harmful, cancer-causing, and environment-damaging emissions.

When it comes down to it, electric blowers are better for those who only need small jobs done and for those who want a lightweight and convenient product. When you compare the higher-end gas blowers with the higher-end electric blowers, though, it really just becomes a matter of apples and oranges and what you value more while working.


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