Troy Bilt XP Super Bronco 54 Review & Buyers Guide

Quick Summary

If you happen to have quite a big lawn or quite a big garden, then it can be a very tricky task when it comes the time of year that you need to start mowing your lawn. If you don’t happen to have a lawn tractor, then it can be very difficult and exhausting to mow all of the grass with an ordinary lawn mower, and it can take up a lot of your time as well.

This is where a lawn tractor comes in very handy because it will be able to mow your lawn a lot quicker and you also won’t find it as exhausting as all that you need to do is sit back and relax while the lawn tractor does all of the work for you. Best of Machinery have reviewed the Troy Bilt XP Super Bronco 54 lawn tractor just below.

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Key Features

This riding lawn tractor has a lot of different and amazing features, for instance, it is actually powered by a 724cc 25HP twin Kohler 7000 series push button electric start engine, which is very powerful and reliable, so it won’t let you down at all. It also has a very useful cruise control feature so you won’t have to spend the whole time with your foot on the pedal.

It has a very comfortable high back seat, and it also has armrests to provide you with a lot more comfort. It also has a 16-inch turning radius, which will allow you to be able to have complete control.


  • There are a whole load of positive points about this lawn tractor, one of these is that it actually comes with two years warranty, so if you happen to have any issues, they can be resolved very quickly.
  • Another positive point about this product is the fact that it has very durable wheels, which means that it can even be used on uneven terrain.
  • It has a very efficient cutting deck, which is actually 54 inches so it will be able to provide you with convenience, and it is also able to mow a wide path.
  • Another positive thing about this lawn tractor is the fact that it’s very comfortable to even use for a long period of time because all of the seats and armrests are padded really well.


  • There aren’t many negative points about this lawn tractor, but there are a couple of things that could be slightly improved, for instance, the max speed of the lawn tractor could have been increased a little bit, but it’s not slow at all.
  • Another thing that could have been improved is that it could have a slightly bigger fuel tank, as this one currently has a three-gallon fuel tank.

Who is it suitable for?

This lawn tractor is suitable for anyone that happens to have a large garden or if they have quite a large piece of land. This type of mower will be able to save you so much time, plus, it will also be able to save a lot of your energy as well because you won’t have to physically move the mower to be able to cut your grass.

This lawn tractor is suitable for homeowners to use and it’s also suitable for professional gardeners as well, as it is able to leave you with a very professional finish on any type of lawn that you may be cutting, plus, your clients will be very impressed with the outcome of this lawn mower.

Why we like it?

There is a whole load of reasons why we really liked this lawn mower. Firstly, we liked how reliable it is to use and the fact that it has been made from top quality materials. Therefore it will be able to last you a very long time. We also liked that it is able to cut larger parts of grass as well, so it means that it’s likely it will be able to save you even more time.

Plus, you can also use it on uneven terrain, so if you do have a couple of wonky patches in your garden, then it will still be able to cut this grass very easily, which is always a very big bonus.


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