The 10 Best Hammer Drills

If you’re constantly working on construction or masonry projects, you know the importance of having the best hammer drill on the market. Hammer drills are an essential part of laying the groundwork for other projects. They allow you to bore through stone, brick, concrete, cement, and asphalt easily and create holes for your screws to be put in.

Many construction workers and masons enjoy using hammer drills because drills with multiple settings also have the capability to work like a normal drill. However, they cannot be used to put the screws in while the hammering action is turned on – trying to do that would ruin both the bit and your drill.

You need tools that will allow you to to be effective with your work and complete your projects quickly. However, you also need tools that will make it easier for you to create quality work – you  shouldn’t have to deal with a tool that is difficult to handle or maneuver in a way that will get you good results.

When looking for something that fits this description – something that can both meet and exceed your expectations – you need to work to find a tool that is both powerful and versatile. And if you’re doing some serious construction or masonry work on a regular basis, you’re going to want to read this in-depth guide of how to find the best hammer driver drill.

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This drill is an amazing tool for any mason, or construction worker that needs a reliable drill that is capable of drilling through nearly anything. The tool is built to last and the Extreme Protection Technology that was incorporated into the design has proven to be incredibly helpful. We love that this tool is incredibly resistant to any sort of dirt or debris that gets thrown at it - and that it’s even capable of dealing with falls off of buildings and onto hard or rough surfaces.

The charge time also proves to be incredibly helpful and the sheer power of this machine alone makes for a good reason to invest in it. It is truly the best hammer drill on the market in our opinion. It’s 530 pounds of torque, 2,000 RPM and 30,000 BPM make it a well crafted and valuable tool - something that every mason or construction worker should have in his toolbox.

Why we like this Hammer drill by Makita

  • Heavy Duty Drill Hammer with incredible power
  • Extreme Protection Technology built in
  • Works on heavier materials like stone and concrete extremely well
  • Only takes 25 minutes to recharge
  • 530 pounds of torque
  • Up to 2,000 RPM
  • Up to30,000 BPM
  • Built to last
  • Can survive falls from high buildings or onto rough surfaces thanks to the Extreme Protection Technology  

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The DEWALT DCD996P2 is one of the best tools on the market, which is why we chose to make it our premium choice. The hammer drill is built with the needs of construction and mason workers in mind, making it a great tool to use if you need to create holes for screws and nails on a regular or daily basis.
We love a lot of features that this tool has to offer, but one of the most noticeable features is definitely it’s ability to provide a spotlight for masons or construction workers that find themselves working in dark areas. The 20 minute shutoff function proves to be very helpful for completing tasks on time and makes this an excellent tool in our book.

The DEWALT DCD996P2 is also makes our choice as one of the best hammer drills to buy because the battery packs come with a fuel gage that will let you know how much run time they  have left. We find this extremely helpful, along with the 33% increased performance rate they offer when compared to other standard battery packs. Overall, the DEWALT DCD996P2 is one of the best buys you could make - a truly great tool investment.

Why we like this Hammer drill by DEWALT

  • Durable hammer drill that will last
  • Comes with LED Spotlight that makes working in the dark for extended periods doable.
  • Battery packs come with fuel gage
  • Battery packs are also 33% more efficient than other standard packs and allow for longer run time
  • 3 speeds to work with
  • High transmission speeds for faster application time
  • Brushless motor increases efficiency by up to 57%

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The SKIL 6445-04 hammer driver drill is a great option to go with and the best budget option on the market. It manages to incorporate several key features that make it one of the more desireable machines on the market and helps to serve as one of the best options for many mason workers or construction workers that are trying to stay within their budget limits. It even makes a great buy for DIYers and homeowners that want to invest in a quality device that will give them a power boost for side projects.

THe SKIL 6445-04 is a great tool for anyone to make an investment in a powerful drill. It can easily break through concrete and stone. It can also be used for wood and metal work, but if you choose this option you’ll want to make sure that the hammering option is off so your hammer drill won’t incur any harm.
Overall, this is the best budget buy on the market and will be more than capable to take care of any heavy or thick materials you find yourself working with.

Why we like this Hammer drill by Skil

  • Lighter than most driver drills
  • Easy to work with
  • Corded model
  • 120 volt
  • ½ keyed chuck

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We love the Black & Decker DR670 ½ Inch Hammer Drill for its design and versatility. The Black & Decker DR670 is built to last, but also to make working on your projects a more convenient and enjoyable experience. The designers included an extra side handle to help construction workers, masons, and DIYers keep a balanced stance and maintain control of the hammer drill with more ease. This aspect of the machine also helps to make sure the drill is easier to control - especially when you have to work in a tighter space that requires you to have absolute power and balance while working.

The Black & Decker can easily cut through any material you throw at it. The powerful corded device is capable of reaching up to 2,800 RPM. It can also attain speeds of up to 48,000 BPM. And an added bonus of investing in a corded machine is that it will never run out of power - it’s ready to work whenever you are and won’t stop until you’re ready to clock off for the day.

You’ll also appreciate the ½ keyed chuck. It will give you added flexibility with choosing the bits you can use with this hammer drill. It will also give you the choice of working with metal or wood - but if you choose to do this remember to turn off the hammering action first.

Why we like this Hammer drill by BLACK+DECKER

  • Can reach up to 2,800 RPM
  • Can reach up to 48,000 BPM
  • 110 Volts
  • Corded - won’t run out of power
  • Added side handle
  • Special grip
  • ½ inch keyed chuck

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Overall, we love the design of the Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme Rotary Hammer Drill. The designers really put a lot of thought into the needs of construction workers, masons, and DIYers when they came up with the blueprint for this incredible machine. To start with, the Bulldog Xtreme Rotary Hammer Drill boasts incredible power! It can achieve up to 1,300 RPM and about 5,800 BPM.

The rotary hammer is a corded device and operates off of electricity. This is great for workers looking to log some serious hours because they won’t need to worry about running out of power. This hammer driver drill will keep up with you every step of the way and help to ensure that you’ll be able to keep working quickly and efficiently. The cord on this hammer drill is also a turret cord, which means the longevity of the device is significantly increased while adding to your flexibility and range of movement.

We also love that this device is comes with an SDS Plus bit system. It makes changing out bits incredibly easy - you don’t need to use any tools! Additionally, this system has 36 different bit positions for you to choose from and makes sure you’re always able to choose the ideal work angle. The Bosch 1125VSR Bulldog Xtreme Rotary Hammer is one of the best products on the market today. It is truly invaluable and makes an excellent addition to anyone’s toolbox!

Why we like this Hammer drill by Bosch

  • SDS Plus Bit System
  • 3 modes of operation
  • D-handle design
  • 35 degree pivot with turret cord
  • 36 different bit positions
  • Can achieve up to 1,300 RPM  
  • Can achieve up to 5,800 BPM
  • Has a variable speed trigger

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We love the Design of the DEWALT DWD520K Pistol Grip Hammer Drill. IT is extremely agile and versatile, making it one of the best designs on the market as of now. We especially appreciate the motor efficiency. It produces 50% more power than other standard models on the market making it a great choice for masons and construction workers that want to make sure they invest in a quality product.

We also appreciate the soft grip. It makes it easier to hold the machine for prolonged periods of time and easier to maneuver. The two finger grip is also helpful since it allows you to have greater control over the hammer drill as you chip away at stone, brick, or concrete materials.

If you want this to serve as your overall drill, you’ll probably appreciate the fact that the dual mode allows you to seamlessly switch from the hammer mode (designed for stone, brick, and concrete) and the regular drill mode (designed for wood and steel). It’s one of the best all around hammer drills on the market that will hold up under continuous use and prove to be an effective addition to your tool kit.

Why we like this Hammer drill by DEWALT

  • Comfortable grip
  • Two finger trigger
  • 50% more motor power
  • Dual mode
  • Tw speed range
  • Corded drill

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The Milwaukee 2704-20 ½ Inch Hammer Driver Drill is an incredible device. We love the design, especially the thoughtfulness in features like the battery technology. The technology is a great addition to what would have already  been one of the best hammer driver drills on the market and makes the investment well worth your while.

Red Link Plus technology works by monitoring the functionality of the device while you’re using it. The technology keeps an eye on everything that’s going on within the machine - especially the temperature of the battery.

This helps to ensure that your battery will never overheat or overload - meaning this already durable machine will last longer than most competitors. Additionally, this driver drill is capable of achieving up to 1,200 pounds of peak torque and approximately 2,000 RPM! It truly is a great device - one we would recommend to anyone in need of a reliable hammer driver drill.

Why we like this Hammer drill by Milwaukee

  • Battery operated device
  • Lightweight
  • Red Link Plus Technology
  • 1,200 pounds of peak torque
  • Can attain up to 2,000  RPM

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We love the design of the PORTER-CABLE PC70THD VSR 2 Speed Hammer Drill for several reasons. The first is that the drill is designed for comfort. You’ll be able to do your work without having to worry about becoming exhausted or fatigued to quickly. You’ll also be able to choose from two different speeds that will allow you to find the best fit for your job based on if you need more speed or more torque.

Another great feature the PORTER-CABLE PC70THD VSR 2 Speed Hammer Drill offers is its ability to serve as a hammer driver drill that can bore through stone, brick, and cement, while also serving as a regular drill that can handle wood or steel.

The PORTER-CABLE PC70THD VSR 2 Speed Hammer Drill is an incredibly reliable machine and is one of the best choices anyone could make when investing in a hammer driver drill.

Why we like this Hammer drill by PORTER-CABLE

  • Corded Device
  • Added Side Handle
  • 2 Finger Trigger for extra control
  • 2 Speed options  
  • ½ inch keyed chuck

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The design of the Ryobi P214 ½ Inch Hammer Drill is impeccable and makes for one of the best thought out machines currently on the market. The powerful machine is put into a compact design that allows it to push through dense bits of stone, concrete, and brick easily. You’ll be able to choose between two different speeds and 24 different clutch positions.

You’ll also love the LED lighting system that makes working in dark areas a more simple task, as well as the drill bit organizer that will keep you working without having to go back and forth between your tool kit to grab different bit sizes or screws. You’ll be able to focus on your work without pause - the Ryobi P214 ½ Inch Hammer Drill has you taken care of.

Why we like this Hammer drill by Ryobi

  • Has an LED lighting system
  • Has a bit holder that will keep you organized and efficient during work
  • Makes transitions between tasks simple
  • Can drill through all material types
  • Has two speeds
  • 24 position clutch
  • Compact and powerful
  • Up to 600 pounds of torque
  • Can attain up to 24,000 blows per minute

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The Hiltex 10513 1 ½ Inch SDS Rotary Hammer Drill  is an impressive machine for anyone and one of the best choices available on the market. It allows you to take on nearly any type of material with ease and has a universal chuck adapter with 1 inch and 1 ½ inch settings. You’ll be able to work in comfort with the well thought design put in place by the Hiltex team. You’ll also appreciate the corded design that allows you to work without pause - this machine is ready to go and won’t need to stop until you’re ready to pack up for the day.

You’ll also appreciate the sheer power that is output from this machine - it boasts a 1,000 watt motor that is capable of attaining 800 RPM and 3,500 BPM. You’ll love the 360 degree swivel textured handle on this hammer driver too. It allows you to exercise maximum control over your work and keeps you from getting fatigued or exhausted as early in your work.

The Hiltex 10513 1 ½ Inch SDS Rotary Hammer Drill is an excellent choice for anyone in search of the best hammer driver drill to fit their needs. We highly recommend it.  

Why we like this Hammer drill by Hiltex

  • SDS Rotary Hammer Drill
  • Has capacity for steel and concrete bits
  • Universal chuck adapters
  • 360 degree swivel handle
  • 800 RPM
  • 3,500 BPM
  • Textured handle  
  • Corded Machine

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Buyers Guide Questions

How Does a Hammer Drill Work?

A hammer drill is a product that works by chipping away at concrete, stone, or brick, by hitting its target like a hammer without rotating.

What is a Rotary Hammer Drill?

Rotary hammer drills are hammer drills that uses a piston and rod to hit against the bit. This process amplifies the effect of the power and therefore makes rotary hammer drills more powerful machines than regular hammer drills.

How Does a Rotary Hammer Drill Work?

Rotary hammer drills work by using a piston and rod to create more powerful blows against its intended target. When the motor turns on, it moves a gear, which then moves a rod. The rod hits against a hammer mechanism and produces an intense force against the hammer bit. It happens very rapidly and creates a more powerful, more efficient effect than would be produced by hammer drills.

Can a Hammer Drill work as a Regular One?

Sometimes you will be able to use your hammer drill as a regular drill, but you’ll have to make sure your hammer drill is equip with several different function settings. If your hammer drill only has a hammer setting, you won’t be able to use it like regular drills. However, if you hammer drill has a hammer setting and a drill setting, you’ll be able to use your drill as a regular drill. Be sure to change your bit before you do though – your drills could be ruined if you don’t take the time to switch out your bits.

What is the Difference Between a Hammer and an Impact Drill?

A hammer drill is able to create holes in stone, brick, and concrete by hitting its target consistently like a hammer. There’s no rotation involved in the entire process. Typically when you use this drill, you’ll use a chisel bit in order to achieve the best results.

An impact drill is able to create the same sort of result, but instead of hammering away at it’s target, it uses a rotational motion to get the desired result. When you use this drill, you typically use a masonry bit in order to achieve the best results.

However, If you are looking into drills for sanding and polishing, that could be the right angle drill – a totally different ball game. For more info on the right angle drill – click here.

Do You Have to Use a Hammer Drill for Concrete?

Technically you can still drill through concrete without a hammer drill, but it isn’t very easy. You’re much better off investing into a hammer drill. These drills are designed to cut into materials like concrete quickly and efficiently. You’ll also want to make sure that you have the right bit for drilling (usually a chisel bit).

For Drill Bits that can go through Metal with strong carbon replaced steels, feel free to head over to our expert guide.

What is the Hammer Setting Used For?

The hammer setting is used to bore into sturdy materials like concrete, asphalt, brick, and stone. It works by powering the motor enough to create a hammering action with the mechanism inside your drill press that can work quickly and efficiently

Makita XPH12R 18V

Top Pick

The Makita XPH12R Hammer Driver Kit is an outstanding overall choice for anyone who works with stone, brick, concrete, or asphalt on a regular basis. This tool was built with all the needs of workers in mind when it was developed and works to exceed the expectations of any consumer who thinks to add it to their collection of tools. The Makita XPH12R Hammer Driver Kit is a great design. It is battery operated which helps to increase your mobility and versatility while working with the device. Although some people find battery operated hammer driver drills frustrating to work with on prolonged projects, the Makita XPH12R Hammer Driver Drill helps to overcome many of their objections by ensuring that you won’t have to wait long for the battery to recharge should it die out in the middle of your working day. It only takes 30 minutes for the battery to recharge – which means you won’t ever have to worry about waiting around before you can start working again. Simply take your lunch break, or switch tasks. The Makita XPH12R will be ready to get back to work long before you will!

You’ll also be able to appreciate the Extreme Protection Technology that was built into the device. This helps to ensure that your Makita XPH12R Hammer Driver Drill will be able to handle any challenge you throw its way. The Extreme Protection Technology allows the Makita XPH12R to withstand excessive dirt, debris, water or moisture, and hard impacts. There are even reports of this drill being able to survive falls off of buildings with no change in functionality.

In addition to all of these features, the Makita XPH12R Hammer Driver Kit can generate an impressive amount of power – especially considering that it runs off battery instead of being an electrical corded device. The Makita XPH12R can exert up to 530 pounds of torque at its peak power. It can also reach up to 2,000 rounds per minute and up to 30,000 blows per minute. The durability and power output of this machine alone makes it one of the best buys on the market, but with all of the added features, you’ll learn to love this machine and its capabilities.


Premium Choice

It was difficult to choose a runner up to the Makita, but the DEWALT DCD996P2 Brushless Hammer Drill Kit is the best hammer driver drill to fit this slot. It makes for an amazing addition to your tool box and help to increase your productivity ten-fold. If you work with concrete, stone, brick, or asphalt on a daily basis, this tool will help you get the job done. It was created with the needs of masons and construction workers in mind, and is truly an excellent addition to your work arsenal.

There are numerous features offered by DEWALT with this particular hammer driver drill, but one of the most useful (in our opinion) is the LED lighting system. The lighting system has a 20 minute shutoff function that is extremely helpful when you’re working with crawl space type areas or late into the night. You’ll be able to see what you’re doing clearly without having to limit your working hours or compromise your balance or control by using one hand to hold a flashlight.

The DEWALT DCD996P2 Brushless Hammer Drill also provides you with three different speed settings, making it a very versatile tool. You’ll be able to use it for wood and steel based projects instead of just concrete, asphalt, stone, or brick. The device also has a higher transmission speed that makes for a faster application time than most any competitor on the market. One of the best features of the DEWALT DCD996P2 is that it incorporates a brushless motor into the design. The brushless motor increases the productivity of the drill by 57% and makes it an incredibly efficient tool.

Last, but not least, the battery pack design is one of the best on the market. The DEWALT DCD996P2 battery pack is 33% more effective than other standard battery packs and comes with a fuel gage. It’s a great investment and makes the device even more efficient – this is definitely one buy you’ll never regret.

SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp

Great Value

The SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp ½ Inch Hammer Drill rounds out our top picks as it fulfils our great value pick. Because of its great bargain price, it makes it an affordable option not only for masons or construction workers, but also for home owners or DIYers who want a little extra power boost with their projects. It’s very easy to work with and has good versatility and maneuverability. It’s a corded model that works well for projects that required prolonged periods of work time – you’ll never run out of juice and if you need a bit of extra mobility you’ll be able to add an extension cord. It’s a great option, especially when you consider that the price of the drill and the extension cable will be significantly less than most hammer driver drills on the market.

It’s also a nice buy because it’s lighter than most driver drills and less award to maneuver when you’re dealing with smaller spaces or drilling areas. The lighter weight also makes it a more convenient choice for an all-around drill because it’s better for tasks that take longer to complete and has a ½ inch keyed chuck that allows you to switch out different bit sizes fairly seamlessly. The design was carefully thought out and makes for one of the best budget buys on the market – we’d recommend it to anyone who needs a powerful tool that won’t break their bank.


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