What are Hammer Drills Used For?

If you’ve ever seen someone using a large, drill like machine at a construction site or other heavy duty material, you’ve likely seen them using a hammer drill. Hammer drills (and rotary hammer drills) are very common among construction workers, masons, and ambitious DIYers.

Typically, a construction worker, mason, or DIYer will use a hammer drill to help bore holes into concrete, cement, stone, or brick so they can fit in screws. The hammer drill works by powering a hammering mechanism inside the drill to pound against the intended material until a hole has been made. Most hammer drills are electric. However, in recent years, there have also been several battery operated models that have been created.

If you’re looking to drill through concrete, stone, cement, or brick, a hammer drill is the most reliable option you could pick. If you can’t afford a hammer drill, we’d recommend that you rent one. These devices make completing mason work extremely efficient. However, if this is the sort of task you may find yourself engaging in on a frequent basis, it might be worth it to invest in a budget hammer drill.


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