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Best Corded Drill

When it comes to those household improvements and repairs such as creating holes, driving screws or mixing components, having the best corded drill makes life so much easier. When you are in the market and are ready to choose the right drill, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing to consider is deciding whether this tool would be for professional use or for home use, and second, how often you think you will need to use it. By assessing the main purpose of this drill, you will then be able to make an informed decision to selecting the correct type of drill based on power capacity, handling, chuck size (keyless or keyed) and type, brand, bits, and other features.

Here’s a little “bit” of history: Drills have been in existence seemingly before the first records of time – and during the course of many centuries, evolved from their primitive capacity up to the arrival of the first electric drill in the late 19th century. In 1997, Black & Decker was the first company to patent the first pistol-shaped, trigger-controlled electric model that was the grandfather of today’s more modern designs, maintaining the overall pistol-like appearance, but now with many different varieties, and it has been categorized into two main types: Corded, and cordless – or battery-powered.

When we are talking about these two areas, let’s take a look at the advantages of each: Corded drills generally have higher torque and power, and is more lightweight—but are built to handle heavier, more challenging jobs without ever having to worry about the battery dying or getting worn out just before starting a new project. With a wired, it is always ready to go- just plug in and get started. From wood, to masonry, to metal, this drill can power through anything that is set in its path.

In our top ten best corded drills, we boiled down the best features and compare the leading industry-leading brands such as Black and Decker, DeWalt, and Bosch. We also took a look at the main features of this power drill, such as torque, variable speed control, and handling comfort, and we compared and narrowed our search down to the best top ten, based on overall performance, quality, and cost.

Whether you are a first-time user or have been around the (concrete) block a few times, read on for our thorough reviews that will save you a lot of time and help you pick out the best corded type for your specific needs.

DeWalt is known for its durable, high-quality tools that will outperform the competition, easily earning its ranking as our Top Pick for best corded drills in handling a wide range of different materials. Easy to handle and control with its soft, pistol-grip handle, including easy-adjustable variable speed settings, a performing 8-amp motor, and a ratcheting keyless chuck system that is for increased productivity.

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You will soon see why this drill is one of the most chosen by contractors with it’s resilient, durability, easy-to-handle convenience, and long-lasting performance. Several five-star reviews are praising the 6302H model's ease of use which obviously bears testament to it’s overall popularity. With several built-in features that can’t be ignored, this Makita tool provides all that you need in a small, lightweight, incredibly powerful package as our Premium Choice in our top ten best corded drills.

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As the creator of the first patented electric drill, Black and Decker has earned its reputation over time and is known for quality, ingenuity, and value and has once again proven itself by providing a great little corded tool that may look non-intimidating on the outside, but packs a serious punch with features that are done superbly well, and has been selected as our Great Value for the best price that can’t be beat.

With a variable speed control for more accurate driving, and a keyless chuck to allow easy bit changing, this tool is compact and easy to handle, powerful, and convenient, with all the bases covered. There really was nothing that we didn’t like about this high-quality tool.

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This drill has been featured as the best in class in speed and torque, and is smartly designed to allow for tool-free changing of a variety of tool attachments. With a powerful, robust 4.0 amp motor that can handle a full range of applications and attachments, yet lightweight, this tool offers comfort and convenience as well, and includes a 10-piece bit set and bit bar for easy storage.

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DeWalt is a global brand of providing hand tools and power tools for woodworking, industrial and construction work. Packed with a most-impressive 10 amp motor that delivers an increased performance of up to 1200 rpm, these drills are made to handle whatever crosses their path with some serious torque.

The DeWalt built motor is patented and designed to generate 50% more power than a standard motor of the same size, with an increased overload protection that adds the best durability for drilling or driving screws into materials as thick and hard as masonry, metal, or hard wood. This tool also sports a soft, pistol-grip handle and a two-finger rubber trigger for increased comfort and greater control over any project.

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If this powerful, 7.0 amp motor isn’t enough to impress, the maximum speed of 3,000 rpm definitely will. This unit also has a 1/2 inch keyed chuck for accepting larger diameter bits designed for woodworking, concrete driving and cutting, and a large, ergonomic side handle with a Variable Speed trigger for more control and convenience. SKIL has put a lot of extra little bells and whistles into this product and delivers a product that lives up to its reputation.

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Porter-Cable has been a household name in quality power tools for over 100 years, and is committed to delivering impactful performance in power tools. With their powerful 6.5 amp motor, these power drills stands up to more demanding applications, and Porter-Cable has thought the design through by including many features, like a soft, pistol-grip handle for greater comfort, a very easy and convenient reversing switch and a lock-on button to prevent accidental reverse switching. At a reasonable and economical price, this makes a great fit for home projects or onsite construction.

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Although a newer player to the market, Hitachi has served consumers well with one of the best lines of power tools and continues its dedication to product research and development, which also reflects well in its power tools. This Hitachi D13VF 1/2-Inch 9-Amp unit is smartly designed, including an electronic variable speed control trigger that is easily operated with two fingers, an impressive double gear reduction that produces a higher torque, and an ergonomic palm grip handle designed to reduce fatigue and vibration.

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Bosch is a trusted brand that prides itself in innovations and social commitment. Awarded Best In Class for power-to-weight ratio with a maximum power at a minimum rate, this product packs an impressive punch with their Jacobs ratcheting 3/8-inch keyless chuck and an impressive 6.3 amp variable-speed motor that will deliver up to 2,600 RPM for optimum performance. With many features included, and at a price that really cannot be beat, this tool doesn’t have to boast or brag, and the high reviews speak for themselves—for the money and value, it’s just a great tool to have, period.

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VonHaus may be a new kid on the block, but when it comes to delivering high-quality, performance-heavy and it is one of the best in the market. With an impressive 6.5 amp variable-speed motor that will deliver up to 2,800 RPM, this tool earns its stars as a powerhorse tool, and ready to show you who is boss over these power tools.

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Buyers Guide Questions

What are Corded Drills used For?

A power drill is an electric motor that rotates, or spins a bit to create a hole in surface materials such as wood, metal, or concrete. The parts of this power tool include the handle, an on/off trigger, a reversing switch for screwing in or screwing back out, a torque adjustment (which controls the rotational speed), and the chuck that holds the bit in place. These types of drill are powered by a 110-volt electrical cord plugged into an outlet, and cordless drills are powered by a battery that is attached to it.

Since ancient times, the drilling tool has solved a need and has existed in various forms until the late 19th century, when the first electric drill was produced. Drills are used for boring holes and screws or other fasteners into different materials like wood, concrete, or brick, and is also used for mixing and blending compounds. Having a corded versus a battery-powered one means you don’t need to worry about charging a battery, just plug it into the wall or power supply, and you are good to go.

Both types of drills serve a specific purpose whether using around the house or on the job site. Corded tools are the more powerful choice, with a more consistent torque, or twisting force, overall better durability, and endurance. Cordless tools are convenient with no cords to worry about, and are for more lighter-duty work. Click here to find out the differences between the two types.

Are Corded Drills as good as the Cordless ?

There are many advantages to having a wired drill, versus having a battery-powered drill. Here are the best features:

  • Corded drills typically operate at higher top speeds. These drills have higher torque than their cordless counterparts, making them more suitable not only for drilling, but for mixing and buffing jobs as well. In addition, many smaller drill bits require running at higher speeds than the cordless drills can offer – view our detailed guide.
  • They are always ready to go – just find an outlet, plug in the cord, and go. Cordless drills need to first have a charged battery before it can operate, and if the battery isn’t charged up, it will run out of power. With a wired drill, there is no downtime to charge up the battery, no checking the power gauge, no digging out your charger.
  • These drills are more lightweight and compact because they don’t have a heavy battery, which adds significant more weight to the unit.
  • These drills are more ergonomic and comfortable to handle. This type of drill eliminates that bulk and is generally lighter in weight. Also, there are many drills with softer, larger rubber grips with easy triggering, making the handling much more comfortable.
  • Because there is no battery, drills that are powered by electricity have more long term endurance. You can go 6 months without using it, and not worry about the battery self-destructing during the downtime. Oftentimes when a cordless drill is in storage for a while, the battery will self-destruct or wear out. There are never any worries with a drill with a cord – you can keep one stored away for decades and chances are, when you do pull it out of the shed and plug in, it will run just like it did the last time you used it.

Who Makes the best Corded Drill?

So if you’re really not buying into all the cordless hype, or maybe you are searching for a more powerful, reliable drill and are ready to go full-cord… what it really boils down to is what you intend to use it for. Let’s do a quick review and take a look at some of the best drills on the market:

There are many brands out there who are known for their high-quality drills that perform well and are long-lasting. Trusted, well-known household names, such as DeWalt, Black and Decker, and Bosch, are always good brands to rely on for durability and great performance. However, there are also a few new kids on the block that have definitely proven themselves to be strong contenders in the drill market, such as Hitachi and VonHaus.

Both of these brands produce great tools and show their dedication through product research and development and thorough improvements in power tool technology to produce lighter, faster, and more durable power tools for consumers.

For meeting your basic drilling needs and more simple projects, we would recommend trying The Black & Decker DR260C 5.2-Amp Drill/Driver, or the 3/8-Inch and Bosch 1006VSR 3/8-Inch Keyless Chuck Drill – both of these drills will give you the best performance at a reasonable cost.

If you are looking for variable speed control, The DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp 1/2-Inch Pistol-Grip Drill, PORTER-CABLE PC600D 6 Amp 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Drill, and the Hitachi Koki speed drill D13VF would make a perfect fit with their smooth, consistent variable speed trigger and powerful torque. Click here for more information on what one actually is.

Do Corded Drills have a Clutch?

You will find that there are several drills that have a clutch, also called a torque control, which is the adjustable collar that is behind the chuck. The numbers on the clutch represent the torque, or twisting power of the drill. The higher the number, the more torque that is delivered. For example, the DWL DW268 Heavy Duty VSR model has a versa-clutch torque adjustment system that ”dials” in the proper torque needed to efficiently drive without stripping or breaking.

The DeWalt DWD220 1/2-Inch VSR Pistol Grip Drill with E-Clutch control monitors the current to the motor, and shuts down the tool in lock-up situations for better control. Which torque speed is right for your needs? High-speed feature is suitable for you to drill on the soft materials. Slow speed feature is used to meet the requirement of drilling on the hard materials.

Can you use a Corded Drill as a Screwdriver?

Yes, you can use a corded drill to drive in screws, but an electric screwdriver has more torque and is designed to work at a much lower RPM than a drill. Using a drill as a screwdriver runs the risk of potentially stripping out the screw and over-drilling. Cordless drills, however, have made a better replacement for a handheld screwdriver.

What is the best Brand of Corded Drill to buy?

Choosing which corded drill to buy all depends on what you are intending to use it for. Do you need a drill for those everyday household projects like installing a shelf or hanging pictures? Or maybe you are doing some detailed renovation and need a drill to bore through large bricks or masonry. Most drills on the market today are built with multiple functions to encompass a large variety of different project needs, whether you are needing a drill for the home, or you are a professional who needs a powerful, reliable tool for onsite work.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the length of the particular project. How long do you expect the job to take? The drill’s size and weight is an important factor to consider. If the drill is too heavy and bulky, you may quickly become fatigued by holding it for a long period of time. So make sure that the tool you choose is lightweight, and ideally has an ergonomic handle and grip to provide more comfort and ease of use throughout the span of your project.

There are many great brands out there who produce high-quality drills that are powerful and long-lasting. Well-known household names, such as DeWalt, Black and Decker, and Bosch, are always good, trusted brands to rely on for durability and great performance. Besides the established name brands, there are also a few newer names that have worked hard to level up to the big guys in the power drill market, such as Hitachi and VonHaus.

Both of these brands are known for making great power tools and they have shown their dedication through improved product development and research to produce lighter, faster, and more efficient power tools, including drills. Our top pick for best drill is the DEWALT DWD112 8.0 Amp Drill that has a variable speed reversing trigger for overall better versatility in drilling, and a robust, 8 amp motor that leaves an impressive mark for heavy-duty applications.

Are Corded Drills more Powerful?

An electric drill is typically one of the first power tools that people buy, and today many of these are economically priced and very affordable. In the game of power drilling, it’s all about torque – or the twisting power of the drill. Today, there are a lot of high-quality cordless drills that will put out some impressive torque and speed from their 18 or 20-volt batteries and give you all the power you need for household use.

That said, cordless still doesn’t come close to the products listed in this review, which have a larger power supply and thus are able to pack more power. Also, drills with cords don’t have the heavy, bulky battery attached, so they are lighter and smaller than their battery-packed counterpart, so that plays a huge role in their overall ability.

There seems to be more advantages to using a tethered drill over using a cordless one. The best reason is of course, the torque, or twisting power. Corded drills, by far, provide more consistency in torque. Although there are some very high quality cordless models out there that do compare well in this area, these electricity-powered tools still provide a much more reliable means of drilling and driving.

The twisting force in torque is powered optimally by the constant flow of electricity, so there are no interruptions or limitations in voltage. Ask a carpenter or contractor what option they would choose, and it will almost always be a wired drill. The drill is a versatile power too and using this type of drill offers greater torque than a cordless model that makes for a more powerful, efficient drill.

More lightweight than a cordless, it is much easier to use by simply plugging into an outlet and turning on. There is no downtime with having to charge up a battery. The obvious drawback being that there is a cord, which limits how far you can port the unit, but if you need a more powerful, longer-lasting drill, corded is definitely the best way to go.

DEWALT DWD112 8.0 Amp

Top Pick

Sporting a variable speed reversing trigger for better versatility in drilling, this robust, 8 amp motor leaves an impressive mark for heavy-duty applications. This drill also has a soft pistol grip handle for added ease and comfort, and an all-metal ratcheting keyless chuck for greater bit retention and convenience. The all ball-bearing construction gives the drill better durability and an overall longer tool life. The DEWALT DWD112 drill has a consistent 0-2500 rpm variable speed reversing trigger, allowing you to drill with more precision and control.

Really, the best thing about this drill is whether you are a builder, or if you you are simply looking for a drill to use around the home, this tool is versatile enough to be a perfect fit for both scenarios. Builders and Carpenters may also be looking for a great Hammer to finish the job, so feel free to check out our full guide if that’s you! Tough, sturdy, and durable, this is ready to accept the challenge of any job, large or small. Having a power cord means never having to worry about charging a battery, just plug in and go and it will certainly powers through just about anything that is set in its path.

And DeWalt is known as a trusted household name in power tools that deliver. Every product they create is driven by performance, ease of use or productivity. DeWalt will back this DWD112 drill with a limited, three-year warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee, and one-year free service support.

Makita 6302H 1/2-Inch

Premium Choice

In terms of durability and power, you will soon find out why this drill is one of the golden children of contractors with it’s durability, easy-to-handle convenience, and its long-lasting performance. This drill has an impactful 6.5 AMP motor and has an industrial metal gear housing for complete durability. The side handle that can be attached to either side, along with the 0-550 rpm variable speed trigger allow for increased versatility in control.

There is a large reversing switch that is conveniently located and also includes a lock-on button to prevent accidental reverse switching. Several five-star reviews praising the 6302H drill’s ease of use are a testament to this claim. This Makita power tool provides all that you need in a small, lightweight, incredibly powerful package. Made for endurance, this power drill definitely has earned our respect as number two in our Top Ten.

Whether for building contractors, or first-time users, this drill is made to be operated by anyone, regardless of size, stature, or experience. Several five-star reviews praise the 6302H drill’s ease of use and are a testament to this claim. This Makita drill provides everything that you need in a small, lightweight, incredibly powerful package.

Black & Decker DR260C 5.2-Amp

Great Value

Of course, you know you can’t go wrong with the Black and Decker name. As a trusted household brand in industrial power tools, it is known for quality, ingenuity, and value. This particular drill is more compact, which means it will operate at a much cooler temperature – a comforting feature to have if you need to hold it for longer periods of time.

The 5.2 amp power will provide plenty of juice for most projects around the house, and the constant power button enables convenient, constant drilling without constantly having to press down on the button. And at only 3.5 pounds, this is lighter than toting around your toy poodle – so you know it will be a breeze to operate for longer work. The On Board Bit Storage at the bottom of the handle, which is a nice convenient way to maintain and organize your drill bits.

The reverse slider can be accessed with one handed use, and the soft plastic ergonomic handle grip is made to ease long-term fatigue. The keyless chuck gives you greater bit retention, increased productivity, and a more convenient way to drill, delivering a sturdy performance. Besides eliminating the worry of losing that blasted chuck key, it provides ample rotation up to fifteen hundred rpm, making it a best drill choice in getting the job done.


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