How Do Hammer Drills Work?

If you’ve ever been on site at a construction or mason work site, you’ve likely seen them use all sorts of different tools. They enable these workers to produce amazing results, one of them being to chip away at materials like stone, concrete, asphalt, or brick. If they’ve been using a product to fulfil this function, chances are they’re working with a hammer drill.

Hammer drills are drills that have a hammering mechanism inside them. When the motor is turned on, the hammering mechanism is activated and the machine begins to pound against its intended target. Hammer drills are different from other drills because they don’t rotate. They simply chisel away at the concrete, stone, cement, or brick in front of them until they’ve created a hole large enough for a screw to fit into.

Because they work so quickly and efficiently, having the best hammer drills is one of the most important tools that construction workers or masons can have in their tool boxes.


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