The Greatest Right Angle Drill for Sanding & Polishing in 2017

Best Right Angle Drill

A right angled drill is not an item you will find in an everyday tool box although you would find it on any handy man’s Christmas list. What makes this tool so special? It can reach spaces that you would never be able to reach otherwise like behind beams and joists. Plumbing becomes a whole lot easier when using the best right angle drill and electricians swear by it for any job that forces you to work in an unnatural or uncomfortable position. Some are only designed to be a tool which makes them limited but still one of the greatest tools available. We have fantastic products on the list, like DeWALT drills (click here for DeWALT review).

With the use of an extension cord, your reach is extended even further, allowing you make holes anywhere you please. Unlike conventional drills, a corner attachment is held with both hands for better balance and accuracy in those tight, hard to reach places. If you regularly find yourself in a tight spot then you need to get yourself a good quality right angled drill.

What is the highest rated Right Angle Drill for Electricians & Tight Spaces?

PictureRight Angle DrillWeightVoltageSpeed Power Source
DEWALT DCD740C1DEWALT DCD740C13.2 lbs20 volts2000 RPMBattery Powered
Makita DA3010FMakita DA3010F4.2 lbs110/240 0 - 2,400 RPMElectric Corded
Bosch PS10-2ABosch PS10-2A5 lbs12 volts12,000 RPM Battery Powered
Makita XAD02ZMakita XAD02Z3.3 lbs18 volts0-1,800 RPMBattery Powered
Milwaukee 3107-6Milwaukee 310715.6 lbs120 volts0-335/0-750 RPM Electric Corded
Makita AD02WMakita AD02W2.5 lbs110 volts0 - 800 RPMBattery Powered
DEWALT DWD460KDEWALT DWD460K21.7 lbs120 volts0-330 / 0-1300 RPM Electric Corded
Milwaukee 2708-22Milwaukee 2708-2219.1 lbs18 volts0 - 1,200 RPMBattery Powered

The DEWALT DCD740C1 Right Angled Drill Kit is a must for every tool box. Its compact size and two speed transmission makes it the perfect drill to get into all those tight spaces. Ideal for remodelers and carpenters alike, this drill goes where no other tool can. With a total of 3.8 pounds and four inches in length, this drill is compact and light weight enough to be used in tight spaces for a prolonged period of time without causing strain.

The 3/8 inch deep hex pocket allows a 2 inch hex bit to be installed almost all the way into the chuck. This provides the best performance and steady control without compromising on size. The slim, easy grip handle allows the user a more comfortable grip, especially for prolonged periods without causing strain.

It features dual speed ranges at 0-600/0-2000 RPM which allows for more flexibility during a wide range of applications. This model is powered by an Energy Star rated charger which not only provides your tool with cleaner power but is also healthier for the environment. This drill is backed by a three year limited warranty, one year free service plan and a 90 day money back guarantee.

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The Makita DA 3010F Right Angled Drill has a 10-5/8 inch body with a 2-5/8 inch head width which makes it a compact solution for framing studs and any other close quarter applications. This angle drill has a powerful 4.0 AMP motor and weighs less than 3.5 lbs making it easy and convenient to use in tight spaces. A variable speed feature of 0-2400RPM allows for drilling into a wide variety of materials making it a versatile drill.

The paddle switch has a limiting dial to prevent accidental over tightening of fasteners and the integrated clutch is designed to prevent gear damage. It automatically disengages if the gear bit binds unintentionally. A built in LED light illuminates the work area which is perfect for shadowed nooks and crannies while the small diameter barrel allows for an easy and comfortable grip.

An all-ball bearing design makes for a longer tool life although it does come with a 1 year limited warranty. The Makita is one of the smallest corner drills in its class and has a steel capacity of 0.38 inches and a wood capacity of 1 inch. It comes standard with an Auxiliary handle and 0.375 inch keyed chuck

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The Bosch PS10-2A Angle Driver Kit is one of the best offset tools on the market. Perfect for targeting tight spaces like drawers and beams. This tool is compact, handy and fast which saves a lot of back and forth between the tool boxes while busy with a project. If you need to get into a tight or confined space then this is the tool for you. It is a reliable and versatile drill which is easy to use on a wide variety of applications. The ultra compact head length which is 3.5 in total is three times shorter than its closest competitor.

This shorter head enables it to move in even more confined spaces with ease. The 90 degree articulating head rotates and locks safely into five different positions, providing the user with increased versatility. A 7+1 Electronic clutch provides precision driving and eliminates over torque on softer materials.  A single switch controls the Forward/Reverse function which makes it useful for removing or tightening screws.

The quick change chuck prevents bit loss while the tool is in drill or drive mode and has a pull mechanism for inserting or releasing ¼ inch hex shank bits. The tool comes standard with a storage hanger for convenient storage when not in use. A revolutionary designed variable speed trigger provides increased sensitivity and the tool is covered by Bosch’s Tool & Battery Protection Plan which is activated upon registration of your tool at BOSCHTOOLS.COM.

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The Makita XAD02Z 18V Cordless Angled Drill is a versatile drill which packs plenty of torque while still being compact enough to get into those hard to reach spaces. It is part of the world’s best cordless tool line of which all are powered by a revolutionary 18V Lithium-Ion slide style battery. Makita Lithium ion batteries have the fastest charging times in their categories which means your tool will spend more time working and less time on the charger.

The fact that it is cordless makes any drilling or driving applications that much easier to do. Garage door installations, plumbing and electrical jobs which need to be executed in a small space can all benefit from using the Makita corner drill. The tool is equipped with Star Protection Computer Controls which protect against overloading, over discharging and overheating. A built in LED light with afterglow helps to illuminate dark corners, offering better visibility of the work site.

The Makita weighs only 4.0lbs and is 12-3/8 inches long. It is lightweight and compact even with the battery attached and the large paddle switch has a soft grip which provides a comfortable and confident grip on the tool at all times. A 3/8 keyless chuck allows for safe and easy bit removal and installation. Variable speed of 0-1800 RPM provides enough power for a wide range of drilling and driving applications.

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The Milwaukee 3107 Right Angled Drill is just one of those no mess no fuss tools. No extra add ons or complicated features to cause unnecessary frustration. It is however, a strong and sturdy tool with a powerful 7 amp motor and weighs a total of 10.3lbs. This makes it lightly heavier than its counterparts but the ergonomically designed D-handle grip makes for evenly distributed weight while in use.

This type of handle offers the best grip and eliminates any possibilities for strain on the operator’s hands. This model delivers trigger speed in two different ranges; 0-335/0-750RPM and can be used in reverse as well. A heavy duty ½ keyed chuck with holder provides industrial strength hold during drilling and fastening.

It can handle up to a 4-5/8inch Self feed bit which makes it very versatile while the Quik-Lok 8ft 3 wire grounded rubber cord provides easy storage and field replacement. The kit comes standard with a hard cover sturdy carry case to store your unit safely away while not in use. You can choose between three classic colors; black red or grey and the drill is manufactured from durable yet lightweight steel.

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Yet another excellent innovation, the Makita AD02W 12V Angle Drill Kit weighs only 2.5lbs with the battery included. This makes it very lightweight and easy to operate around sneaky corners. A built in LED light with afterglow helps to illuminate those dark corners and tight spaces. A variable speed of 0-800 RPM allows for a wide variety of drilling and fastening applications while Makita built in motor delivers up to 100lbs of Max Torque.

The whole tool is 12-1/4 inches in length and the compact 3-1/2 inch head height makes it the best size for working in close quarters. The ergonomic barrel grip handle is designed for extra comfort and a rubberized soft grip gives the user more control of the tool while in use.

An easy to operate paddle switch gives control over the speed allowing the user to decide on the variable speed for softer material applications. The keyless chuck is designed for fast and easy bit installation and removal.

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The DEWALT DWD460K Right Angled Stud Drill is a mean machine with some of the best features. The bind up control with stall sensing technology gives you more control of the reactionary torque. A mechanical clutch in low speed delivers increased gear protection and the 11.0 amp heavy duty built in motor provides more power and performance in high torque applications.

There are two variable speed ranges: 0-330/ 0-1300 RPM which makes this one of the more powerful drills in its class. The metal gear housing cover is great for jobsite durability and offers increased reliability. An adjustable front handle and 2 position side handle provide maximum leverage and control, giving the user absolute confidence.

The tool weighs 21.7 pounds which is still light enough to not cause any unwanted strain yet big enough to be regarded as a heavy duty drill. A hard cover case offers durable protection for your drill in between uses and for safe transport to and from the jobsite. This product is covered by a three year limited warranty and 90 day money back guarantee

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The Milwaukee 2708-22 Right Angled Drill kit is the best option for unmatched power, ease of use and versatility. This tool has a Quik-Lok universal chuck for keyless, one handed bit changes and accepts most 7/16 inch hex flat or groove shank bits. It is capable of drilling more than 150 7/8 inch holes on a single charge and has integrated REDLINK PLUS. This intelligent technology ensures that your drill is running at optimum capacity and protects against overloading which can potentially damage your drill during heavier applications.

The POWERSTATE brushless motor provides constant power under even heavier loads and allows the user to complete holes faster than most corded drills. REDLITHIUM Battery packs provide superior charging and power performance, allowing your tool to work longer on a single charge. The battery is a slide on design which allows for the best balance and weight distribution.

This unit has a single variable drilling speed of 0-1200 RPM and easy to use trigger switch. A reversible trigger and battery charge indicator light are just some of the special features that this drill has to offer. The comfortable d-shaped handle allows the user full control over the drill without it being uncomfortable or unbalanced.

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Buyers Guide Questions

How does a Right Angle Drill Work?

This type of right-angle machien is the best accompaniment to any toolbox. Its angled head allows the user to get drilling and fastening work done in any tight space. The product is lightweight and compact enough to be operated with a single hand, giving you enough room to maneuver in. Some drills are cordless which make them the best option to use in small spaces since there are no extension cords necessary.

Others come with a built in LED light which helps to illuminate the space you are working in to allow for better visibility. These right-angle tools can alternate between a forward and reverse motion with the flip of a switch and can work at a wide range of variable speeds.

What is a Right Angle Drill Used For?

What is a Right Angle Drill used forThe right-angle tool does not normally feature in many toolboxes. It is a specialized drill used by professional tradesman and serious home handymen alike. It has plenty advantages and no real disadvantages which is what you are generally looking for in the best specialized tools. The best corner drills are designed to access spaces that a conventional drilling tool can’t reach.

Tight spaces such as behind beams or joists are easily accessed with a smaller right-angle tool. The small compact size allows you to use the too with only one hand and the angled head easily reaches those tight spots. It makes installing pipes for plumbing applications a sheer dream and even electricians use it for drilling through studs.

Smaller applications like drawer and cabinet installations are much simpler to do with an right-angle machine because you don’t have to hold the item at a weird slant to get a hole drilled. If you find yourself struggling to get into a tight space with your usual drill then it might be time to switch to an angled drill.

If you are looking to get through stronger materials such as stone, your best bet would be to look into Hammer Drills (click here for our guide).

What’s the Top Right Angle Drill for Tight Spaces?

We recommend the DEWALT DCD740C1 Right angle drill kit for all those hard to reach places. It is compact in size, measuring only 4 inches from front to back which makes it the best option for tight spaces. It comes standard with a multi grip trigger which allows the user more freedom of movement when using this item. Since the right-angle tool is cordless, it is even easier to use in a limited amount of space because there is no need for an extension cord.

Why use a Right Angle Drill?

Why use a Right Angle DrillSize really does matter when it comes to using an right-angle drill. You cannot force your usual, bigger machine into a small space without having to twist it in an unnatural way. This is going to lead to skew holes and a scrappy finished project. For these small or confined spaces, you really do need to use the best angled machine to achieve a neat and professional finish.

The angled head on these drills are designed to allow the user to drill or fasten in a specific area without needing to twist and turn the right-angle tool itself. This is most certainly a specialized product but anyone can benefit from having one in their tool box. Sooner or later you are going to find yourself tearing your hair out because your normal drill just can’t into the tight space you need it to. That is where an right-angle machine will come in handy.


Top Pick

The DEWALT DCD740C1 Right Angle Drill Kit is our top pick and has scored the best reviews from satisfied customers as well. We like this model best because of its small lightweight and compact design which allows it to really get into those tight spaces.

Another plus for us was the fact that this small machine has an impressive amount torque for its size and a variety of variable speeds to match any material application. It comes standard with a multi grip trigger which allows the user more freedom of movement when using this fantastic machine.

Since the unit is cordless, it is even easier to use in a limited amount of space because there is no need for an extension cord. We recommend this model for anyone looking for a small sized right-angle tool packed with features and drilling power.

Makita DA3010F

Premium Choice

We Liked the Makita DA3010F Right Angle Drill because it has variable speeds for controlled drilling in wood or metal. The Makita comes with a built in LED light which is a super feature when you need to work in dark corners. It has a compact size and is lightweight even with the powerful 4 amp motor on board. The paddle switch has a speed limiting dial so that you don’t end up over tightening screws or fasteners.

This dial is especially handy since the product is operated with a one hand only. This model has a slightly reduced head height which is best for those extra tight spaces and the ball bearing construction ensures that your machine works smoothly for an extended lifespan.

We recommend the Makita DA3010F Right Angle Drill to professional tradesman as well as serious handymen. If you are looking for the best 3/8 inch corded drill ever, look no further. This right-angle tool has big power and a whole range of special features packed into its compact size.

Bosch PS10-2A

Great Value

The Bosch PS10-2A 12 Angle Driver Kit is what we call best value for money. All of the trusted technology and features of Bosch packed into just 5 pounds worth of tool. The cushion grip handle allows you to comfortably work at any slant including overhead for extended periods of time. An intergrated hanger hook allows for easy storage and accessibility.

This model is compact and powerful enough to drive at least 100 drivers per battery charge which means alot more working time and less spent on charge. The ProVantage Garantee Warranty is a 3 year protection plan which covers 2 years worth of battery protection and the tool itself is covered for 1 year – click here to read the study.

A free tool repair package is also available within the second and third year. This is why we recommend the Bosch PS10-2A 12 Driver Kit for anyone who is in the market for a tool with the best features and a price tag to match.

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