Simpson Pressure Washer Review & Buyers Guide

The Simpson MSH3125S MegaShot is a gas-powered pressure washer that’s both powerful and simple to use, a combination that can be difficult to find sometimes. We at Best of Machinery have created this Simpson Pressure Washer review & buyers guide to help you figure out if it’s the right pressure washer for you, giving you a short breakdown of its main pros and cons as well as the type of people we think it’ll appeal to most!

Key Features

MegaShot pressure washers have a powerful Honda engine which let it generate plenty of pressure in a short period of time, giving it a short warm-up period and a long running time from a full tank of fuel. Despite this, it’s also surprisingly lightweight and easy to move around, using strong 10-inch tires and a versatile two-wheel design that allows for maximum maneuverability in almost any situation or location – you can angle it upwards and drag it around like a suitcase using the handle at the top, and can either lay it flat on its back or rest it upright on the bottom rail if you need more space.

Not only that, but the washer uses a 25-foot hose that offers plenty of extra reach and coverage on larger surfaces and areas, as well as an optional spray gun for more precise cleaning and dealing with smaller, less accessible spaces. The five interchangeable spray nozzles included with the pressure washer provide a range of different deviating angles, meaning that you can adjust the way it functions to get a wider, more saturated spray of water or a highly concentrated burst on a single area. Reaching forces of up to 3200 PSI, the MegaShot is exceptionally strong while still being portable and simple to use.

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  • Incredibly powerful engine
  • Strong 3000 PSI water flow
  • Multiple optional nozzles for different spray angles
  • Spray gun for smaller spaces and difficult angles


  • No easy way to reduce the PSI for softer surfaces
  • No detergent tank

Who is it Suitable For?

This pressure washer is great for all kinds of cleaning, especially if you’ve got a large house or paved outdoor area that gets dirty often. Being able to adjust the spray angles (and use the spray gun in some situations) adds plenty of versatility to its compact shape, making it an excellent option for smaller homes that still need a wide range of cleaning tools and methods.

Thanks to the wheels and maneuverable design, it’s easy to move the MegaShot around without having to pick up the entire unit so you won’t need to worry about getting it up and down slopes and across bumpy ground. Since it’s fairly lightweight – weighing about 65 pounds in total – most people will be able to carry it up and down staircases with ease, and it won’t be difficult to put it the right way up if it tips over sideways.

As a gas-powered pressure washer, the MegaShot will need to be refueled every so often, but you don’t have to keep it tethered to a cable like with electric models. This makes it great for homes with large gardens or lots of space that needs to be cleaned.

Why we like it

The Simpson MSH3125S MegaShot mixes a simple design with a varied and complex set of optional features, making it useful for all kinds of cleaning jobs without leaning too far towards any particular type of user. The high pressure and PSI mean that it can strip away dirt from nearly any surface, especially at close range – if you’re dealing with more than just thin layers of dirt on a regular basis, this pressure washer might be ideal for you.

The lightweight body and versatile wheels mean that you can easily move it from one place to another, so you don’t need to spend time setting it up after each section of a wall or flooring area is cleaned – in fact, you can even move it while you’re spraying water, meaning that it can come in really useful for people who need to fit cleaning into their busy, limited-time schedule.

Best of Machinery can’t decide for you, of course – hopefully, this review will give you the extra details you need to make an informed decision.


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