Craftsman T150 Riding Lawn Mower Review & Buyers Guide

Quick Summary

The Craftsman T150 is a gas-powered, self-propelled ridable mower that’s designed to cover as much ground as possible while still being an efficient, effective mowing tool. We at Best of Machinery have taken the time to gather as much information as we could about its performance, reliability and suitability when it comes to different gardening situations, and have put together this Craftsman riding lawn mower review & buyers guide to give you a brief, informative breakdown of what it can offer.

Key Features

As a ridable lawn mower, the T150 has a much stronger engine than many other mower styles, since it needs to support both its own weight as well as the rider’s. It’s unlikely that it’ll ever get weighed down or over-encumbered while you’re using it, making it surprisingly reliable as a result. Its size also allows it to use much bigger wheels, giving it an extra level of traction – it can take on tough slopes or rough ground without even slowing down, making it easy to mow grass in gardens that aren’t perfectly smooth.

The 46-inch cutting deck means that it can cover over twice the space that some other gas-based mowers are able to, making large gardens far easier to finish off if you’ve got limited time or a busy schedule to stick to. This, combined with the 20-inch rear wheels and 15-inch front wheels, also gives you an excellent level of stability that’s difficult to match with any other kind of mower.

Since it essentially acts like a scooter, you can also reverse the mower to get yourself out of tight corners and difficult spots, something that can save you plenty of time when you’re trying to get around difficult areas. You can also turn off the mower blades and drive it around so you won’t need to leave it out on the grass or carry it over paved surfaces to avoid damaging it.

The seat at the top of its body is comfortable and supportive, making it difficult for you to fall over and lose control if you’re moving across rough and lumpy ground – safety is important, especially for a lawn mower as big as this.


  • Incredibly durable and stable thanks to its heavy-duty design and wide base.
  • 46-inch cutting width for better coverage, making large gardens faster to trim.
  • Strong wheels that can deal with all kinds of terrain.
  • Powerful and efficient gas-based engine.


1. Bulky, which could make it unsuitable for smaller gardens.
2. More complicated to use than a regular handheld mower.

Who is it Suitable For?

The Craftsman T150 is ideal for large gardens, regardless of what shape they are or how their terrain is laid out. It can deal with bumpy ground, wet mud, difficult slopes and large clumps of grass in equal measure, and stays efficient even when other mowers would be bogged down or unable to properly get over a certain slope or bump.

Since it’s entirely self-propelled and doesn’t require any direct physical help from the user, it’s also great for those that have disabilities or medical issues that prevent them from moving a mower around manually, especially if they have a large garden that takes a long time to mow from start to finish.

It can also be a great tool for mowing entire fields, making it a mower that can work well in a professional context, too: parks, office grounds, and other public places can be easily dealt with.

Why we like it

Although it’s larger than most other mowers, the T150 is excellent for heavy-duty mowing in a variety of different contexts and locations, using its durability and versatility to endure both physical and weather-related damage without breaking down or having performance issues.

Since it’s a gas-based mower, it can be refueled on the go without needing to be left on a charging station or hooked up to a cable, which is even more useful for larger open spaces that can’t be finished in a single load of fuel. Best of Machinery can’t tell you what to think, so use this guide as a way to inform yourself of this mower’s design choices and features before you commit to making a purchase.


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