Are Electric Chainsaws Any Good?


When it comes to cutting down wood or trimming branches, sure, you can go at it with a handsaw if you’re looking for a good workout. But let’s face it – even a full days’ work of cutting with a manual saw is not going to get you an impressive amount of wood, even if you consider yourself a full-bore lumberjack. Saws have evolved through time. When someone decided to attach a motor and a chain to a saw, the chainsaw was born. A whole new world opened up and made life So. Much. Easier.

Gas fueled vs. Electric

 Fast-forwarding to today, there are hundreds of different chainsaws on the market, each calling out to you with their size, technology, and functionality. Both gas powered and electric powered chainsaws are staking their claims. Until recently, gas-powered saws was the way to go if you needed larger, more intense work done such as cutting large trees and branches, because gas chainsaws are known for operating on a longer run time and provide lot of power and speed with a wide range of bar lengths.

Gas-powered Risks

However, in this day and age of eco-conscious living, gas-fueled chainsaws pose a lot of cons as well. They are loud, they are heavy to hold, starting the saw can be difficult and frustrating with the pull-cord, and worst of all, they produce toxic hydrocarbon emissions into the air with that messy mixture of gas and oil required to operate – which in itself carries a higher risk of danger.

The Features of Electric

Electric chainsaws have actually come a long way since 1926 and now have made optimum safety a standard feature, as well as providing an economically friendly machine that does not emit any toxic gases into our environment.

Because fuels are not needed to power these electric chainsaws, the cost to operate them are at a minimum. As they are powered by electricity, they are also not nearly as loud as their gas-guzzling competitors. They are much easier to start with a push-button, lighter to handle and better to control, produce minimal noise, and require minimal maintenance.

Electric chainsaws are earning their respect with many different sizes and options that allow just about anyone, regardless of experience or muscle mass, to operate them effectively. There are cordless, battery-powered chainsaws for easy portability and low-noise, polesaw/chainsaw combinations for completing all tasks in one, and electric chainsaws come in many different bar sizes, typically ranging from 12-inch to 18-inch – ideal for any size job, and any need.

Why We Prefer Electric Chainsaws

The electric saws have evolved in technology and have proven to be a versatile option for any job, durable enough to cut through large, hardwood logs, or handle smaller yard work like trimming branches and clearing brush. Electric would be the way to go if you prefer an eco-friendly motor, a better ergonomic handling, a lighter weight for less fatigue, and a safer experience. Plus, it is generally less expensive – providing an overall great performance at a better value.

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