Do Electric Chainsaws Work?


So you are thinking about making the Big Switch from a gas to an electric chainsaw. But will the electric model work just as well? With new technology, new features, and a new attitude, electric saws are finally shedding away their old reputation for being the meeker, less-powerful, unreliable option and are now getting their well-earned spotlight as a respected contender in the chain game.

The Saws Speak For Themselves

 We all know that electric chainsaws are a safer option because they do not emit harmful gases into the air and there is not toxic, dangerous mixing of fuel. But because they run on electricity, will they run just as good as their gas-guzzling cousins? The answer is yes.

There are many impressive electric chainsaws on the market that are power-packed with performance features that work hand in hand to deliver fast, efficient functionality like higher amp power, an automatic chain lubrication system, and longer bars, for cutting thicker wood, and shorter bars for more effective, precision trimming. Many top names such as WORX, GreenWorks, DEWALT and Remington have chainsaw models that sell very well and are getting 5-star reviews across the board from satisfied customers.

How about Cordless?

Even the cordless models, such as the BLACK and DECKER Lithium Ion Cordless chainsaw and the GreenWorks 20312 Cordless Chainsaw are powered by battery and have proven to perform well as lighter, quieter models but are still able to power through some of the toughest jobs.

How Do I Know What Works?

When shopping for an electric chainsaw, your best bet is to do a search for the ones with the highest reviews and see how these models have worked for other people. Ask yourself: How well does it perform? How long does it last? How safe it it? How easy is it to use? Reviews will reveal the true answers to all these questions. However, keep in mind that your choice of product will depend primarily on the task that you are aiming to perform.

Yes, Virginia, Electric Saws Do Work

All the main contenders at the chainsaw game have worked hard to evolve and develop their electric line into a workhorse of endurance, power, and precision that will stand up to the gas-powered competition. And with so many varieties of size and portability, not to mention being much more ecologically correct, electric saws are fast becoming the chosen chainsaw for home, farm and camping.

In Conclusion

There are too many advantages to choosing electric chainsaws over gas-powered in this article. But in answer to the question, Do Electric Chainsaws Work? We have a resounding Yes. Yes they do, and for the performance, safety, and price, they are the smartest choice for just about any size cutting or pruning job. If anything, you are not only preventing polluting the environment, but you are making your life much easier with a safer, lighter, yet still powerful – chainsaw.

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