Who Makes the Best Lawn Mower Engine?

When looking into buying a new lawn mower, one of the questions that will likely pop into your mind is who makes the best engine? With numerous manufacturers out there, it can be very confusing. But when looking at an engine you need to consider a few factors, namely its power, reliability, longevity, fuel-efficiency, and how easy it is to find replacement parts.


With all of these factors taken into consideration, it becomes clear that Honda offers one of the most popular lawn mower engines on the market today. Durable, reliable, and incredibly powerful, Honda engines are legitimate workhorses that offer years of reliability and deliver exceptional results.

Honda Engines

Honda has a reputation for building quality tools and outdoor power tool parts and the design of their engines is a big reason why this is so. You’ll frequently find them in many self-propelled gas mowers and even a large number of lawn tractors and riding mowers offered by various companies like Husqvarna.

Why are they so common in these models? Simple, they’re the best at what they do. Honda engines are designed to withstand years of heavy use and most offer auto-choke features that make them easy to start cold, without messing with the choke. They offer superior power capable of powering your mower through even the thickest patches of grass while delivering quality, consistent results.

How a Lawn Mower Engine works

Honda engines also tend to be some of the most fuel-efficient models on the market. They make the most of the gas supplied to them, reducing emissions that are harmful on the environment while reducing your need to refuel, saving you some money.

And since Honda engines are so popular in many of today’s mowers, replacement parts can be found easily. So on the off-chance that there’s an issue with your mower that needs to be addressed, you won’t have to scramble, looking for some obscure manufacturer replacement part.

Performance and Longevity

With best-in-class power, performance, longevity, and fuel-efficiency, there’s a reason that a majority of the most popular self-propelled gas mowers and riding mowers rely on Honda engines. With one of their engines under the hood, your mower is guaranteed to deliver exceptional, quality results with less fuss and hassle.


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