How to fix an Electric Lawn Mower?

Most electric lawn mowers that your purchase from the store or from a site like Amazon will have a warranty associated with them. Honestly, if you have a warranty on your machine it’s probably best to get in contact with the seller of the item and request a replacement or repair.

If you also have an active service plan on your mower, then again all you need to do is to contact the company. They should direct you to a local shop that’s capable of inspecting and fixing up your machine and should reimburse you for the bill.

Of course, you still have a number of options for fixing up the most common problems with your own non-gas mower yourself. Just keep in mind that any tampering or self-repair of your product may very well void the warrant that’s covering the machine, so it might best to only try to fix your non-gas lawn mower if its warranty is expired.

Vents Clogged

This is probably the most common issue that arises when you need to fix an electric lawn mower. To fix your mower, you’re just going to want to remove the cover of your mower and clean it by hand, just being sure to get out all the gunk that’s accumulated. If you can’t remove the cover, then you can use compressed air to blow out the vents as well.

The reason that having your mower’s vents clogged stops the entire machine from working is because without the vents air cannot reach the mower’s engine. This causes your machine’s engine to overheat and to possible even blow out.

Extension Cord

It’s important to remember that certain extension cords can only transfer a voltage so far. It’s important that you buy and use the length and type of cord that is suggested by a machine’s manufacturer Failure to use the right cord can result in your product not working correctly.

Your electric mower might shut off abruptly, or it might very well not start, and there’s also the chance that it will simply lose its effectiveness when cutting grass. Cuts in a cord’s insulating lining can also cause an extension cord to lose some of its effectiveness.

Remember, if your cord has been sitting for a long time and is beginning to decompose, make sure it’s not too frayed or damaged to actually carry power correctly. Sometimes it’s not even your lawn mower that’s causing you problems but the cord that you’re using to power it.


For battery powered mowers, it’s important to not only remember to keep your battery charged, but to also keep the connection between it and the engine clean. If your electric mower’s engine isn’t working at all, then you might want to make sure that the outlet that connects the battery to the engine isn’t mucky or grimy. If it is, then cleaning all the dirt and grime out might very well bring your mower straight back to life


Most mowers have a warranty on them, but if your’s has expired or you bought your electric mower secondhand, then you might have to do a bit of tinkering yourself. These were some of the most common fixes for brother cordless lawn mowers and corded mowers of the electric variety. We hope that we helped you learn how to fix your electric lawn mower with this article. If you need more help finding the best electric lawn mower for your needs you can view our full guide here.


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