Excell Pressure Washer Review

A pressure washer is an essential part of many people’s home and garden maintenance tool arsenal and is increasingly important as the summer approaches, and people want to get their patios and decks looking clean and fresh again after the winter. Picking the best model of pressure washer for your particular needs can make a massive difference to the ease and power with which you can clean your garden or house, and there are many different styles and models of a pressure washer, each offering different advantages, disadvantages, and extra features.

Making sure you make the right decision is important, and can be challenging to do with confidence. At Best of Machinery, we’ve tested out a wide range of different models of the pressure washer, and one of our favorites is the Excell Pressure Washer. Below, you can find our review and buyers guide of the Excell Pressure Washer to help you work out whether this is the right pressure washer for you.


The Excell Pressure Washer is a compact and versatile model of gas-powered pressure washer that offers high performance for domestic cleaning tasks such as decking, patios, cars or fences, as well as being a good choice for smaller industrial or commercial cleaning projects. This is a versatile pressure washer that is easy to store and offers excellent performance for such a small tool, as long as you are careful to look after it.

Key Features

The 3,100 PSI pressurizer of the Excell Pressure Washer is more than powerful enough to make domestic cleaning projects simple and easy. Its 212 cc Excell OHV gas engine is compact yet powerful, and the small body of this gas-powered pressure washer makes it easy to store in your garage or other storage space. As an added bonus, the spray wand includes 5 alternate spray nozzles, allowing a high level of customization for different scenarios.


Range of Nozzles Included: The spray wand assembly of the Excell Pressure Washer includes a selection of five different alternate spray nozzles for various tasks. The versatility afforded by this range of different customizable spray head options helps the Excell Pressure Washer to offer peak performance for a wide range of different situations with different pressure washing requirements.

Compact Frame: The low profile frame of the Excell Pressure Washer is one of its most valuable features, keeping the body of this pressure washer small enough to easily store in a small space such as beneath a workbench in your garage. While many models of gas pressure washer are large, this one is particularly easy to store even if space is at a premium.

Powerful Gas Engine: The 212 cc Excell OHV gas engine with 0.95-gallon fuel tank capacity powers the 3100 PSI compressor of the Excell Pressure Washer, giving a surprisingly high level of power and performance for such a small and affordable pressure washer model.

Ergonomic Wand Assembly: The spray wand assembly included with the Excell Pressure Washer is designed for comfort during extended periods of constant use, thanks to its ergonomic grip element. As an added bonus, it is made from rust-resistant materials, effectively boosting the lifespan of this element of the Excell Pressure Washer and reducing the need for maintenance of the spray wand assembly.


Requires Regular Maintenance: While the Excell Pressure Washer offers excellent performance if well maintained, its pump assembly and hoses need regular checkups, as if used heavily without tightening and adjustment in between sessions these components can come loose and cause problems if not well maintained.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Offering high performance for such a small pressure washer, the Excell Pressure Washer is a good option for most domestic pressure washer users or those in need of smaller professional cleaning tools. Its small body makes this model of pressure washer ideal for anyone with limited storage space available, as it takes up far less space than most competing gas-powered pressure washer models of a similar power level.

Why We Like It

Pressure washers can be large and awkward, and the compact and easy to store a frame of the Excell Pressure Washer makes it an easy model of pressure washer to recommend, especially to users for whom space is at a premium. As long as you’re prepared to perform regular maintenance and checks on the workings of this pressure washer, it will give high performance for a long time with no issues, helping to clean any domestic area with ease.