Who Makes the Best Cordless Impact Wrench?

If you want a powerful tool that will help you stay on top of your demanding workload you’ll need to be aware of which tools are able to make your workload easier. If you do a lot of work in automotive industries, in shop environments, in assembly lines, or with a job that requires you to frequently do work with nuts and bolts, investing in an impact wrench is one of the best investments you can make. And, thanks to the recent advances in technology, you can now choose to invest in cordless impact wrenches.

Freedom and Mobility

Cordless impact wrenches are a great tool for anyone who needs to be able to have a lot of freedom and mobility with their work. It allows them to do their jobs more quickly and efficiently because they don’t have the limits of a cord that they would if they used a traditional air powered wrench. Additionally, they are able to take their work with them on the road, so if they do something that requires them to make house calls or walk farther than an extension cord would allow for, this is the best choice for them.

However, one of the most difficult things for workers to figure out is which brand they should invest in. They want a machine that will enable them to do top quality work, but with all the products currently on the market, it can be difficult for them to determine which machine will work best for them. So the question that many people face when looking to find a reliable tool is, ‘What company makes the best cordless impact wrenches?’

The Ingersoll Team

The answer, based on what we’ve seen, would have to be Ingersoll. The Ingersoll team has created a working cordless impact wrench model that exceeds the expectations of everyone that has the pleasure of working with the tool. It enables them to do work quickly, effectively, and without hassle.

The machine is capable of producing up to 780 ft-lbs of reverse torque and up to 1100 ft-lbs of heavy duty nut busting power that allows you to remove even the most stubborn parts. Their product is also built with impressively durable materials that allow them to get on with business and do work without having to fight against their tools. Ingersoll Rand is an excellent brand that we’d recommend to anyone.

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