What is A Right Angle Drill?

What Is A Right Angle Drill?

A right angle drill is a cross between a miniature hand drill and a screw driver. Small in size and light weight, it is designed to fit into all of those tight or awkward confined spaces. A right angle drill does the same job as a regular drill does, but instead of having a shorter handle and longer head, it has a longer handle and very short head. The  head is short and set at a 90 degree angle to enable the user to drill in confined spaces without having to twist their arms.

There are hoards of these kinds of drills on the market, each with their own list of special features. One thing they all have in common though is their handles. Each handle is shaped in such a way that the applications can mostly be done with one hand. The comfortable grip also allows for better range of motion and weight balance even with a slide in battery pack. Unlike conventional drills, a right angle drill is held with both hands for better balance and accuracy in those tight, hard to reach places.

If you regularly find yourself in a tight spot then you need to get yourself a good quality right angle drill – click here for the top 10. Most of these drills have the option of removing the drive head and using the chuck as a conventional drill. This actually gives you two drills in one! These drills are corded or battery operated and choosing between the two is solely a personal preference.  If don’t mind using a 30 ft extension cord then the world is your oyster and there is no corner that your drill will not be able to reach.

Battery operated drills give you a very hands free experience but they do need to be charged. You might be caught with a dead battery if you don’t really use the tool that regularly and should maybe consider the plug in and go model instead of a bare tool for quick jobs.

Dewalt Right Angle Drill

The DEWALT DCD740C1 Right Angle Drill is a must for every tool box. Its compact size and two speed transmission makes it easier to get into all those tight spaces. Ideal for remodelers and carpenters alike, this drill goes where no other drill can. Weighing a total of 3.8 pounds and four inches in length, this tool is compact and light weight enough to be used in tight spaces for a prolonged period of time without causing strain.

Unlike conventional drills, a right angle drill is held with both hands for better balance and accuracy in those tight, hard to reach places. If you regularly find yourself in a tight spot then you need to get yourself a good quality right angle drill. The 3/8 inch deep hex pocket allows a 2 inch hex bit to be installed almost all the way into the chuck.

This provides top notch performance and steady control without compromising on size. The slim, easy grip handle allows the user a more comfortable grip, especially for prolonged periods without causing strain. It features dual speed ranges at 0-600/0-2000 RPM which allows for more flexibility during a wide range of applications.

This model is powered by an Energy Star rated charger which not only provides your tool with cleaner power but is also healthier for the environment. This tool is backed by a three year limited warranty, one year free service plan and a 90 day money back guarantee.

Milwaukee Right Angle Drill

The Milwaukee 2708-22 Right Angle Drill kit is the best option for unmatched power, ease of use and versatility. This tool has a Quik-Lok universal chuck for keyless, one handed bit changes and accepts most 7/16 inch hex flat or groove shank bits. It is capable of drilling more than 150 7/8 inch holes on a single charge and has integrated REDLINK PLUS. This intelligent technology ensures that your drill is running at optimum capacity and protects against overloading which can potentially damage your drill during heavier applications.

This model is big on special features and delivers an excellent drill experience every time it is used. The POWERSTATE brushless motor provides constant power under even heavier loads and allows the user to complete holes faster than most corded drills. REDLITHIUM Battery packs provide superior charging and power performance, allowing your tool to work longer on a single charge. The battery is a slide on design which allows better balance and weight distribution.

This unit has a single variable drilling speed of 0-1200 RPM and easy to use trigger switch. A reversible trigger and battery charge indicator light are just some of the special features that this drill has to offer. The comfortable d-shaped handle allows the user full control over the drill without it being uncomfortable or unbalanced. This is a tool that you should seriously consider adding to your tool box even if it is just to brag about all of its unique features.

Angled Drill Attachment

Turn your right angle drill into a lean mean mini fastening machine by adding an angled drill attachment. Not only will this extend your reach when working in tight corners, it will also help you get into those really small spaces to make quick and accurate holes in virtually any material. This is something that you might want to consider adding to your usual diy tool repertoire. It makes life so much easier when you have a tool that can finally reach all of those pesky nooks and crannies without having to twist your arm off.

The DEWALT DWARA100 Right Angle Attachment is one of the best available 90 degree angle attachments on the market. It provides better accessibility to drive screws and drill holes in tight spaces. The ergonomic ABS handle does not get hot while in use which is great since you need to use both hands for applications. We recommend using this additional tool in your entire angle drilling applications.

There is no end to the tight spaces you can reach when adding a drill attachment to your already very useful right angle drill tool. You can now use your drill to quickly fasten or drill into any material applications. These small drills pack a lot of punch but with the added drill attachment they are virtually unstoppable when it comes to working in confined spaces.

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