Husqvarna YTA24v48 Review & Buyers Guide

Quick Summary

If you have quite a big garden that would take ages to cut the grass with an ordinary lawn mower, then you may need something a little bigger. Pedal mowers have proven to be very helpful with cutting large areas of grass, not only this but they are also perfect if you have a farm as well. This is because it will be able to cut your grass at a very quick rate, plus, you won’t even have to lift a finger, as all that you need to do is simply drive it around and the pedal tractor will do all of the work for you.

Therefore you won’t be as exhausted either. Best of Machinery have reviewed the Husqvarna YTA24v48 pedal tractor to inform you about everything you need to know about this product.

Key Features

This pedal riding mower has a whole load of features, for instance, it is actually maintenance free, so you won’t have to worry about always maintaining it. It has a chokeless start, a charge port, and an electric clutch. It also comes with air induction mowing technology that is able to improve the airflow, and this will also mean that every cut the blade makes is consistent.

You can also use this pedal mower all year round, as it has been fitted with trailers, snow blades, and brushes. Another very good feature is that it comes with a three-year limited warranty so you won’t have to worry if anything goes wrong.


  • There are many different positives about this pedal mower, the fact that you can use it all year round and in any weather condition is very amazing, and it means that you won’t be limited when you can use it.
  • Another positive thing about this pedal mower is that each time the blade goes across the grass to cut it, it will be consistent and will leave the grass all at the same level.
  • It also comes with three years warranty, so if anything does happen to go wrong, then you can get it fixed immediately.
  • Another positive point about this pedal mower is the fact that it’s maintenance free, so you don’t have to spend any extra money or time keeping it maintained.


  • There aren’t very many bad points about this pedal mower at all, the only thing that we would have liked to see improved a little is the comfort of the seat, as it becomes a little uncomfortable when you have been sitting on it for quite some time.
  • Another thing that we think should be improved is the power output, as it’s 22hp, and when you compare this to the other pedal mowers from the same brand some of them are a little higher.

Who is it Suitable For?

This pedal mower is suitable for a whole range of people, but it’s more ideal if you have a big garden or a large piece of land that you need to keep maintained. It’s not really suitable for small gardens this is because it’s so large so you would need to have somewhere to store it and if your garden is small you’d be much better off with just a normal lawnmower.

However, this pedal mower is also suitable for professionals as well, so if cutting large areas of grass is your job then this will be perfect for you, and it will be able to leave the grass with a very professional finish as well.

Why we like it?

There is a whole load of reasons why we liked this pedal mower; one of the reasons why we liked it so much is because it’s maintenance free. This is definitely a bonus, and it means you won’t have to spend as much money or time keeping it maintained. Another thing that we liked about it is the fact that it actually moves quite quickly and it has a top speed of 2.5mph, so you can cut your grass very quickly.

It will also provide you with quality results, and it has been made from the highest quality materials, which means that it is very reliable and it will be able to last you a very long time as well.


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