What size Circular saw to Get?


The size of the circular saw you need will be determined by the depth of cut you need to make. Each circular saw is designed to accommodate certain blade sizes and only those can be used on that particular saw.  You need to determine which depths you need to cut at before choosing your circular saw (click for the main article). Most circular saws offer a 7 ¼ inch size blade and if you need something bigger you will have to go for a different type of saw.

Circular saw Blade size Guide

Saw blades come in all sorts of sizes ranging from 5 inch to 12 inch blades but each specific saw is designed to accept only a certain size of blade. Your blade size will determine the depth to which you can cut. When you purchase your circular saw you will get instructions that will tell you what size of blade your particular model of saw will accept. It is never recommended to use a larger or smaller blade than the recommended size of your manufacturer for the saw that you have.

Most circular saws have a blade size of around 7 ¼ inch blade for the corded versions of these saws, some of the cordless saws have a lot smaller capacity than the corded versions. If you need a larger size blade for deeper cuts then you need to consider getting a table saws, radial arm saws and compound miter saws often have large blades in the range of 10 or 12 inches. These saws will be able to give you a deeper cut than your circular saw.

The size of your blade will determine the depth of cut, but the number of teeth on your blade determines what material you can cut through and how it will cut through the different types of material and what kind of cuts you can make such as clean or rip cuts, giving you either smooth or rough cuts.

How deep can a Circular saw Cut?

The depth of cut that you can make with your circular saw is determined by the circular saw you purchase and your manufacturer’s specifications on the saw. It is based on the size of blade that you circular saw can accommodate. The standard blade size on a cordless circular saw is 165mm or 7 ¼ inches which is standard for your corded circular saws, however your cordless saws often have smaller blades with limited depth in cut in comparison.

It is never a good idea to buy a bigger size blade for your saw than what is recommended, if you need a saw that can give you a deeper cut, you will have to get a larger saw to accommodate your needs. Depth of cut is variable depending on the manufacturer of your cordless circular saw and you must look out for the maximum cutting depth at 0 degrees when purchasing as that will tell you how deep you will be able to cut if you are not going to be using it to cut a bevel.

To cut a bevel you need a saw with an adjustable base plate. This means that you may not be able to cut deeply at 0 degrees but can at a 45 degree bevel. So when choosing your circular saw you need to decide if you are going to be cutting straight lines into the material and take the depth of cut to be as it is stated by the manufacturer at 0 degree cut, or if you are looking to cut at an angle then choose a saw with bevelling at 45 or 90 degree angles for deeper cuts.

What is the Difference Between a worm drive and Circular saw

A worm drive saw has a motor that is in line with the blade of the saw which delivers a lot higher torque and it will cut wet lumber or concrete with ease. This makes the worm drive saw the perfect saw for framing or to use on large renovation jobs. The handle of this saw is set further back and you can resist kickback easier. These are heavy saws and the blade will sit to the motors left.

Circular saws are generally lighter and cordless saws are not as powerful as a worm saw. These are used to cut smaller, lighter and thinner material and have lower torque than your worm saw. The cordless versions are also portable and can be used outside of the work area. These type of saws are perfect for the DIY enthusiast and people who tackle smaller projects.


The size of the circular saw you will purchase will depend solely on the type of projects you want to tackle. Size of blade will determine how deep you can cut and this is determined by the size of the saw you have purchased. Generally the largest blade size for a circular saw is 7 ¼ inches. If you need something bigger that can offer deeper cuts you need to consider purchasing a table saw, radial arm saw and compound miter saw which offer larger blade sizes.

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