Husqvarna 7021P Review

Quick Summary

The Husqvarna 7021P model is a walk behind push lawnmower which is durable and tough enough for even the most difficult lawn and terrain. This model features as a favorite of ours here at Best of Machinery, offering a high level of pushing power while providing high rear wheels and a compact design. This lawnmower ensures that you can achieve versatility with its three different cutting modes, utilizing its high-spec Honda engine to produce perfect results every time.

Furthermore, the Husqvarna 7021P model provides a 22.25-inch wheelbase and can achieve a 21-inch cutting width, offering high-performance and high-quality with each use.

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Key Features

The purpose of the Husqvarna 7021P lawnmower is to effortlessly cut and maintain your lawn, offering great results and high-performance finishes. Features include a compact and attractive design in addition to high wheels to the rear, being able to easily maneuver and steer the lawnmower, particularly in tighter spaces. Maneuverability is increased through the large, 12-inch rear wheels in addition to the double ball bearings featured on the wheels, which are able to handle any terrain.

Comfort is achieved through the soft grip handles, being kind to your hands and further improving and enhancing user-friendly functions. To achieve easy storage, the handles fold back, enabling you to also transport the lawnmower with ease. Further features of the Husqvarna 7021P lawnmower include a powerful, high-spec Honda GCV-engine, which you can rely on, in addition to three cutting modes to meet all of your needs.

This model is able to bag, mulch, and discharge through the side, depending upon what you want or need the product to do.  A cutting width of 21-inches is achieved, covering wide areas, while the ability to adjust the height of the handle ensures that all users are able to comfortably use this model.

The fuel tank can maintain a volume of 0.25 gallons while achieving a 2.9 kW net power at present rpm Energy, and 3000 rpm at net power at present rpm. The Husqvarna 7021P lawnmower weighs 66 lbs, with a 22.25-inch wheelbase, in addition to 8-inch front wheels and 12-inch rear wheels.


  • High-spec Honda engine for a high-performance
  • Three cutting modes to enable you to bag, mulch or side-discharge
  • Achieves a cutting width of 21-inches
  • Fuel tank achieves a volume capacity of 0.25 gallons


  • The Husqvarna 7021P lawnmower is a powerful model which uses fuel to achieve fantastic results. However, there are more environmentally friendly ways to cut and maintain your lawn, such as through using electricity or a Lithium battery, or even through using a man-powered push reel lawnmower, helping the environment as you look after your outdoor space.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Husqvarna 7021P lawnmower is a great purchase for those individuals who want to cut and maintain their lawn and outdoor space through using a powerful walk behind machine. This model is able to bag or mulch your clipping, or discharge from the side of the lawnmower, providing you with different options which you can tailor to your garden and your requirements.

Furthermore, the chunky, large wheels ensure that all terrains are catered for while providing a great deal of maneuverability for you, providing the best results and comfortable usage every time.

Why We Like It

Here at Best of Machinery, we love a lawnmower with a Honda engine, and the Husqvarna 7021P lawnmower model with a high-spec Honda GCV-engine does not disappoint. This model provides strong and powerful performance for you and your garden while ensuring that the three cutting modes meet your needs in all seasons.

In addition, we love the 8-inch front wheels and the 12-inch rear wheels, providing rugged and tough wheels for any terrain possible while ensuring that control of the lawnmower for the user is of paramount importance.


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