Are Hand Circular Saws Better?


If you are looking for a tool that is light weight and compact yet powerful enough to cut through a wide variety of sheet materials then a hand circular saw might just be your best bet.  Once again it is important to consider what kind of project you are planning and the materials you will be cutting so that you know what tools will be necessary.

Comfortable Design

The new generation circular hand saws are much more light weight and compact than their table saw counterparts.  You can now take the tool to the material instead of lugging around a heavy piece of sheet material.  The handles are covered in heavy duty rubber material which allows you to grip the saw more confidently while leaving your other hand free to guide.

Safety first

Circular saws come with a range of safety features from single button on/off switches to spindle lock and hex key systems.  These allow the user to change the blade safely and securely which means that as long as you are using the right size blade, you can attach any blade to a circular saw. There are a wide variety of standard sized circular saw blades available on the market so you basically only need one good circular saw to complete a whole range of sheet material cuts.


Circular hand saws are much smaller than table saws which make them perfect for all the small little cutting jobs that are almost impossible to do with a table saw.  Their ergonomic design allows you to work with the saw overhead safely and easily. They are much lighter so you won’t suffer as much joint strain you would with a larger saw.

Other Important Specs

A few of the new generation circular handsaws come equipped with an LED laser guide system which allows you to make straight and accurate cuts using the beam as a chalk line.  Another feature that they have is a dust port which blows away debris as you cut. This helps to keep the cut line visible at all times.  Some have a vacuum feature which makes it a dream to use indoors.  Indoor jobs become cut and go jobs with the built in vacuum ports. These ports catch saw dust and any other debris which is great for indoor jobs.


In our honest opinion, circular handsaws are the better option for small diy jobs around the home or for those professional finishing touches that a larger saw cannot easily reach.

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