Pressure Washer Uses

Pressure Washers & Their Uses

Pressure washers are a handy and powerful cleaning tool for a wide range of different practical uses, but many people use them for different things. Here at Best of Machinery, we’ve put together a list of some of the best pressure washer uses you may or may not be aware of.

Pressure washers are expensive and bulky tools, and getting the most use possible out of them is a worthwhile goal. You may well already use your pressure washer for several of these functions, but if you’re cleaning any of these things by hand, it’s worth knowing that with a little care you can clean them much faster with a pressure washer!


Cleaning driveways is the number 1 use of a pressure washer. These large flat surfaces are front and center in your garden, being clearly visible to anyone walking by, so many people want to keep them looking as good as possible at all times. A high powered pressure washer is exactly what you need for this, and driveways are exceptionally easy to clean with a pressure washer.


Pressure washers are a great, efficient way to clean a BBQ grill as long as you’ve got a sturdy grill and follow a couple of simple guidelines. Always detach all of the electrical components and gas cylinders before you start pressure washing a grill, as the high water pressure can easily cause damage to fragile electrical systems or to gas mechanisms, making it very dangerous to use your grill afterward if you don’t remove these components before cleaning.

Using a pressure washer should cut your cleaning time down to about a quarter of the time it would take to scrub a grill by hand.

Wooden Decks

Cleaning wooden decks are one of the best pressure washers uses out there. Wooden decking is one of the more common things to clean with a pressure washer, and for good reason. It’s easy to clean effectively and can make a huge difference to the look of your wooden decking area.

Make sure you use the correct nozzle, with a 25 to 40-degree spread, and keep the pressure nozzle a good 2 to 3 feet from the surface of your wooden deck. Keep the pressure relatively low to start with (500 to 600 psi), as too much pressure can cause damage to the wood of your decking.

It’s particularly important to keep your wooden decks clean, as mildewed wooden surfaces can get exceptionally slippery when wet. Pressure washing is the fastest and most effective way to blast mildew away from your wooden deck surfaces, but make sure you wash from the house outwards, as going towards your home will just blast mildew and dirt onto your walls!

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture comes in a wide range of materials, from wood to plastic to metal, and all of these are easy to clean with a pressure washer. Wooden furniture, in particular, can end up looking battered and unloved if not cleaned regularly, and a pressure washer can make a huge difference to it, helping your garden furniture to look bright, fresh, and new for as long as possible with a little regular maintenance and cleaning.

Plus, pressure washers are easy to use on garden furniture, making this regular maintenance easy to perform with minimal effort required.

Cars and Trucks

Especially if you live in a rural area, your car or truck can easily become caked in dust and mud, making your shiny, sharp looking car or truck look unloved and filthy through normal use. Washing your car with a pressure washer is exceptionally easy; this is one of the best uses for a pressure washer, requiring far less time and effort than a regular hosepipe for car washing.

You might need a sponge or brush to finish the job, but it’s a fast and simple option for getting your car sparklingly clean in well under an hour.


Almost every garden has a fence, and wooden fences can grow moss or mildew or pick up dirt easily. Fences are often shaped inconveniently for washing by hand, making it frustrating and difficult to clean the corners. They’re also very large, with a high surface area that takes a long time to clean by hand. This makes wooden fences an ideal candidate for cleaning with a pressure washer, blasting dirt, mildew, and moss from the surface of the wood far faster and more efficiently than removing it by hand.

Home Exteriors

Whether your house’s exterior walls are surfaced with brick or wooden siding, a pressure washer can make an incredible difference to their cleanliness. Simply blast away at the outside of your house to clean it, but make sure you’ve closed all the windows first! Pressure washers can also help to clean your windows with ease, although you should be a little more careful with the pressure when washing more fragile surfaces such as glass.


The rough surface of a concrete or tile patio picks up dirt and grime with ease. With summer on the way, though, patios are becoming increasingly important as an entertaining space. If you want your patio to look good before it’s time to use it regularly, you’ll want to pressure wash it.

Pressure washing a concrete or tile patio is easy; a quick blast on a high-pressure setting with a powered pressure washer will clean away dirt and grime easily, returning your patio to bright, fresh cleanliness and helping you to feel proud of your entertaining space in only a few minutes of high powered washing.


There are many common household uses for pressure washers, and these are just some of the best and most common uses out there. If you haven’t tried using your pressure washer for any of these yet, give it a go! It’ll speed up the process of keeping your outdoor equipment clean significantly.

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