Troy Bilt TB120 Review

Quick Summary

Here at Best of Machinery, we like to show you what we think are the best items of machinery currently on the market, helping to make your life easier. The Troy Bilt TB120 is one of those items, offering a powerful tool in the form of a walk-behind push lawn mower which utilizes gas to power the machine.

You will receive a lightweight lawnmower which is easy to use and maneuver while being quiet enough to please all surrounding individuals. The Troy Bilt TB120 lawnmower additionally ensures that mulching, bagging, and side discharge come as standard, complete with an adjustable handle for your comfort.

Alternative Mower; Troy Bilt TB230 Mower.

Key Features

The Troy Bilt TB120 lawnmower provides a 3 in 1 capability, ensuring that you are able to mulch or bag your grass clippings, in addition to utilizing a side discharge function, meeting your needs in every use. Whatever you aim to do with your grass clippings, this lawnmower is capable of carrying out your wishes. This lawnmower is very easy to assemble and is the perfect tool to use across a range of terrains and obstacles.

Features include an adjustable handle with dual-lever, six-position adjustments, enabling users of any height to be able to comfortably use this lawnmower, while the easy to start function provides a sense of practicality which is occasionally missing from some other lawnmowers today. This lawnmower is lightweight and is very easy to maneuver, ensuring that cutting your lawn is no longer a dreaded chore.

Furthermore, the gas-power capability of the Troy Bilt TB120 lawnmower provides strong performance and a high-quality finish, offering a durable 159cc OHV engine which comes complete with auto choke. In addition, there is a symmetrical 21-inch cutting deck to ensure that there is a reduction in clumping, while the rake bumper ensures that grass is lifted upright with a fine blade that offers a finer mulch.

Furthermore, this lawnmower provides tough wheels, measuring 7-inches across the front wheel width in addition to a solid and sturdy 11-inch wheel width across the rear. The Troy Bilt TB120 lawnmower weighs around 72 lbs and provides dimensions of 36 x 23 x 17 Inches


  • 3 in 1 capability enables you to mulch, bag, or side discharge your grass clippings
  • Dual lever, six-position handle height adjustments
  • Durable 159cc OHV engine
  • Symmetrical 21-inch cutting deck
  • Quiet operation
  • Rear wheels measure 11-inches in width, front wheels measure 7-inches in width


  • Being a gas-powered machine, the Troy Bilt TB120 lawnmower is strong and offers the user a high performance in addition to a high quality. However, using gas is not great for the environment, and there are other sources of power which are much more environmentally friendly. For example, many lawnmowers efficiently use electricity, lithium batteries, or ever man-power, limiting harmful effects upon the environment although still achieving good performance.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Troy Bilt TB120 lawnmower is suitable for any individual who wants a powerful lawnmower to cut their lawn across a variety of terrains. In addition, this lawnmower is perfect for individuals who love to maintain their garden, offering varying options depending upon the time of year, the season, and the current requirements, being able to either mulch, bag, or side discharge the grass clippings.

Why We Like It

Here at Best of Machinery, we love the Troy Bilt TB120 lawnmower, due to its lightweight feel and easy to maneuver manner, as well as the quiet sound which emits from the product. This lawnmower really is user-friendly and with its multiple usage options, is clearly a winning model. Furthermore, the power behind this lawnmower is second to none and will ensure that your lawn is beautifully maintained all year long.


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