The Best Patio Heaters Review of 2018

Relaxing with your friends and family is always nice, but if you want to stay out late you’ll need to invest in the best patio heaters on the market. Patio heaters are the best investment for families who enjoy late night discussions out on their patio, but with so many different products being released to the market, it can sometimes be difficult to find the product that best suits you and your family.

Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of the best patio heaters of 2018 so you can take a look at which products will be best for keeping away the night chill when you and your family want to relax on your patio.

The Fire Sense Commercial product is an impressive device that is sure to impress anyone who wants to go the traditional route with their patio heater. The device is elegantly put together and offers a simplistic operation process that makes the machine even more enjoyable. The Fire Sense Commercial Patio Heater is made out of strong stainless steel and also has a double mantle heating grid.

Additionally, the propane power source is more than enough to keep you warm even on the coldest of nights and is capable of heating up to 46,000 btu’s. The 20 gallon tank lasts for about 10 hours on average, which should be more than enough if you only venture out onto your patio on occasion.

The Fire Sense Commercial Patio Heater also comes with a safety automatic tilt valve so you don’t have to worry about it if it should somehow be knocked over. As soon as it senses that is has tilted too far away from a level angle, it will automatically shut off. Last but not least, the device features wheels in the assembly so you can easily put it into storage if the weather gets bad.

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The AZ HIL-FP-1108 Fire Pit is a fabulous device to help keep your patio toasty and warm even during the coldest of nights. The device is perfect for those who want a more stylish heater that can better blend in with their surroundings and fit in with their current design scheme.

The AZ HIL-FP-1108 Fire Pit is a great design and it is easy to configure the design so that you and your guests can enjoy a late night conversation around it while talking. The device runs on a propane tank and is perfect for any sort of event you may wish to host.

The AZ HIL-FP-1108 Fire Pit is comprised of a 45 square inch tabletop with a fire pit in the center. It is 22 ½ inches tall, making it the perfect height to use to set drinks on while you relax. Additionally, it is capable of producing up to 42,000 btu’s - more than enough heat to keep you and your friends and family warm and comfortable.

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The Belleze Commercial Pati Heater is a great tool to use to keep your deck warm well into the chilly night hours. Additionally, it makes for  a great value buy, so if you’re looking to make a budget buy this should be it! The Belleze device is built with only the best materials to make sure that it is durable and able to keep up with you for years to come.

The Belleze Heater was fitted with many features that make it great for any homeowner - especially if they were hoping to invest in a propane patio heater. The Belleze Commercial device is equipped with a weight bladder that can be filled with water or sand to make it easier to stabilize. This means that you’ll be able to make sure it’s always secure and has less risk for falling over.

It also comes with anti tilt protection so if the device senses that it is tilting too far in one direction it will immediately turn itself off. Additionally, the Belleze device is capable of heating up to 48,000 btu’s and has a variable heat control setting that will allow you to adjust the temperatures to your liking. There’s not much more that you could ask for from such a great quality device. The Belleze heater is guaranteed to be everything you need and more.

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The AZ Patio Glass Tube Heater is a stylish option for anyone looking for a creative way to keep their backyard warm at night. You’ll be able to keep your friends and family warm without having to invest in a heating device that just isn’t able to blend into your carefully selected decor. The AZ Patio Glass Tube Heater is a beautifully designed heating device that combines comfort with elegance.

It runs off of a 20 pound propane gas tank that can can provide up to 10 hours of nonstop warmth while you chat late into the night hours. It can produce up to 40,000 btu’s - more than enough power to keep you warm and toasty no matter how chilly it gets. Additionally, it comes with wheels so you’ll be able to move it in and out of storage more easily.

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The Endless Summer GLT1332SP Outdoor Fireplace is the perfect option for those who want a comfortable heat source but don’t need to heat a large square foot area. It is easily portable and very simple to operate, making it perfect for homeowners who want a simple solution to ward off the night time chills. The Endless Summer GLT1332SP Outdoor Fireplace is powerful despite its small size and is able to produce up to 10,000 btu’s.

It has a stainless steel burner that is extremely durable and is capable of producing some of the best results you’ve seen for a device of this size. It operates off of a small propane gas tank that should be able to provide about 4 hours of heat on average. You’ll be able to control the device via a hidden control panel and it has easy operation with the electric ignition.

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The AZ Patio Heater HLDS032-BB Portable Table Top is perfect for your late night festivities and will provide more than enough warmth to keep you comfortable while you chat with your friends and family. The  AZ HLDS032-BB Portable Table Top is the perfect size and is easy to transport and move from place to place. It stands at about 38 inches tall and will provide you with more than enough warmth to take you through the chilly fall and winter evenings.

The AZ HLDS032-BB Portable Table Top is capable of producing up to 11,000 btu’s with its propane fuel source. You’ll be plenty warm with this duo and able to have hours of fun without catching cold. Additionally, the AZ HLDS032-BB Portable Table Top comes with an anti tilt safety feature that will turn the device off immediately if it accidentally tips over. This helps to reduce risk of fire hazard and keep you and your friends and family safe while you relax outside.

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The AZ Electric Parasol Patio Heater is a great device for anyone who wants a heater that can fit right into their patio design. This device is powered by electricity, so you’ll need to be near an electrical outlet if you want to be able to use it. However, that also makes it ideal for homeowners who have an enclosed patio and can’t use natural gas fuel sources to keep their sunroom warm.

As long as you have power, you can use the AZ Electric Parasol to provide heat in both indoor and outdoor settings. The device runs off of 1500 watts and is made out of incredibly durable stainless steel. When you plug the AZ Electric Parasol in and turn it on, you’ll instantly feel the heat it produces. It also comes with a variable temperature control that allows you to adjust the heat settings to your liking. It can heat up to 15 square feet comfortably and is also certifiably water proof.

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The AZ Wall Mounted Patio Heater is an impressive device that is capable of providing an excellent source of heat to those who want to use an electrically powered device. It provides instant heat and is perfect for small indoor and outdoor areas that are close to a power source. The device runs off of 1500 watts and is built from durable materials.

The AZ Wall Mounted Patio Heater is waterproof and will be able to weather the elements should you leave it outside and forget to bring it in during a rainstorm. The AZ Wall Mounted Patio Heater is 24 inches long and is perfect for homeowners who want to mount the device to the wall. It can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

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The Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR Premium Patio Heater is an excellent device that is perfect for powering through a chilly night and keeping you, your friends, and your family warm. It runs off of a propane tank that is easily installed into the device and is easy to operate. The  Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR is started by using an electronic ignition system. All you have to do is push a button and you’ll be provided with instant heat.

Additionally, the  Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR is capable of producing an impressive amount of power and can generate up to 48,000 btu’s of power. It also comes with a variable heat setting so you can set the device to the perfect temperature to keep you and your family warm throughout the chill fall and winter nights.

The  Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR also comes with an anti tilt safety device that helps to make it less of a fire hazard and is also equipped with wheels to make it easier to move it in and out of storage. You’ll be more than impressed with the  Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR - as one of the best heating devices on the market, it is more than capable of giving you everything you need.

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The AZ HLDS01-WHSQ Wicker Patio Heater is the perfect design to keep you warm and cozy during the chilly fall and winter nights. You’ll be able to enjoy the impressive power output that it can generate and have a large range of motion to explore without having to leave the comfort of the warmth. The AZ HLDS01-WHSQ is capable of generating up to 48,000 btu’s and is more than capable of producing enough heat to keep you away from the chilly night.

The AZ HLDS01-WHSQ also comes with a variable heat control that allows you to adjust the temperature to your liking.  There are also wheels included in the design so you can move the device easily in and out of storage. In addition to this, the AZ HLDS01-WHSQ comes with a thermocouple and anti tilt technology to lessen the likelihood of fire hazard.

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Buyers Guide Questions

How does a Patio Heater Work?

How does a Patio Heater work?If you need an efficient way to heat your outdoor patio, patio heater are the best way to go! These machines work quickly and efficiently without making the air too dry or stuffy. One of the most common questions that people have when they invest in these machines is how they are able to work so efficiently to best warm up the areas outside and keep you comfortable despite the chilly temperatures that may surround you.

You’ll be able to get your patio to stay warm no matter how chilly the night becomes – but how exactly does the technology allow for this? The answer, though simple, may surprise you. It may be difficult to understand how patio heaters are able to make your outside relaxing area so warm even though there aren’t any walls to help trap the heat. It’s a good question, because common knowledge dictates that a patio heater would work to transmit heat in the same manner as regular space heaters – click here to see our top 10 picks.

However, this is not the case. Traditional heaters use a process called forced air heating to warm a room up. A patio heater on the other hand, use radiant heating. The difference between the two might surprise you, and it makes all the difference in how a patio heater might be able to help you stay warm during chilly weather.

Forced air heating works by heating up the air molecules in any given space. Here’s a breakdown of how the process tends to go. First, the air is sucked into the patio heater. The method may vary slightly depending on how big the unit you’re working with is and what type of heaters they are, but the basic principles still stand. After the air has been sucked into the patio heater, it is warmed up by the energy source.

This is usually done by using gas or electricity. Once the air has reached the ideal temperatures, it will be put back out into the room. This can be done through a duct or vent in the contraption. Once the air has been forced out, it is free to circulate throughout the room and spread warmth. Though this method does work, it isn’t nearly as effective as the process used by patio heaters because it makes the air dry and is easier for heat to escape the room through this method.

Radiant heating on the other hand is much more effective. It allows for energy to spread farther and last longer than forced air heating energy. Instead of heating up air molecules, it uses infrared radiation to heat up objects around it. By transferring energy out to the other objects in the room, it is able to warm the area around it up faster with these patio heaters.

The objects in the room use this energy to heat up from the inside and then transmit their own heat outward into the room. This makes it much more comfortable for you and your family to relax because it doesn’t make the air stuffy – best yet, it won’t give you a sense of warmth while leaving your furniture cold. Because infrared heating is so similar to the process used by the sun, it is the best method for heating an outdoor area.

Granted, the energy source that fuels this heating will determine how much power you are able to generate and how quickly you are able to do so. The best fuel source in terms of power tends to be a gas fuel source like propane or natural gas. Many people have voiced their preference for natural gas, however it is a much more expensive option. If you plan on using natural gas, you’ll have to call in a crew to lay down a gas line and set up the best heater system for you to use.

This is expensive and time consuming. Additionally, you’ll have to be absolutely certain about the spot you pick because the line won’t be moveable once it’s been installed. However, many people who can afford this option do prefer it because they never have to worry about refuelling their heaters and the operation of the patio heater is fairly simple. Because using natural gas can be expensive and lacks flexibility, some people choose to get propane patio heaters instead.

These patio heaters come with fuel tanks that can be refilled and are easily moved from place to place. These types of patio heaters are commonly used by restaurants to warm their outdoor seating areas best – when it gets a bit chilly at night. The propane power output is still very impressive, and though you will have to refuel it from time to time, the flexibility will help to make up for it.

Keep Your Patio WarmYou’ll have no problem keeping your patio warm with this option. However, if you want an option that doesn’t create more fuel emissions or need something that can work for an enclosed patio, you’ll want to opt for electric patio heaters – it may be the best option for you. These heaters tend to put out power that has been described as being more ‘faint’ than that of their gas powered counterparts, however they have still proven to be incredibly effective.

They use infrared heating to create their radiant heat and will more than suffice as a powerful tool that can help to keep you, your family, and your friends warm when you want to stay out during the late evening. Electric powered patio heaters also tend to be a bit more fashionable than the other two options, so if you want patio heaters that are able to blend into your existing decor, you might prefer to use this option for the best.

Regardless of what you choose, be sure to keep your specific needs in mind when making your decision. You may like the style of electric powered patio heaters, but if they can’t put off enough heat to keep you warm from your northern winters, it likely isn’t a good investment. Likewise, if you love how natural gas patio heaters look but can’t afford the price, you should consider the other two heaters for which is best, instead of spending too much money on one heater.

Are Patio Heaters Expensive to Run?

Are Patio Heaters expensive to run?If you want to invest in a way to keep you and your family warm on a chilly night, you’re likely wondering if it’s really worth it to invest in patio heaters. After all, many of us still remember our parents scolding us to keep the heat limited to the indoors so we can be less wasteful by preventing warm air from heating the outdoors. But with the trend of patio heaters catching on, you have to wonder, is it really wasteful to heat the outdoors? Or were our parents just paranoid about the gas bill? The answer is somewhat mixed.

We already know that it is more expensive to power something by gas instead of using electricity as a power source, so it shouldn’t surprise you that using gas powered patio heaters will prove to be a bit expensive. However, the question at hand is focused more on the value of the heaters you’re working with versus the cost of the patio heaters alone. So the question we should be asking ourselves is how much heat we expect to warm our patio and ourselves and how much we’re okay with escaping into the chilly night.

Once you’ve determined this for yourself you can decide what the word ‘expensive’ means to you. So just how much warmth do you expect to maintain in order for investing in gas patio heaters to be a good investment? Typically, you’d want to be able to maintain all the heat or at least 90% of it for it to be considered a successful investment, but the outdoor environment changes things.

There are no walls to keep the heat enclosed in a specific space, or at least there shouldn’t be. It isn’t safe to use gas powered patio heaters in an enclosed environment. This means that you’ll have to be willing to lose at least 30 – 40 percent of your warmth. But that doesn’t seem so bad does it? At the end of the day, maintaining 60 to 70 percent of the heat you generate isn’t that bad.

Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that you’ll have a hard time figuring out the best way to maintain that much heat within your patio space. The reason for this is that most gas heaters also tend to heat the air above them – not just your backyard below it. And since you aren’t able to enclose the space in any way, you won’t be able to trap the escaping heat and use it for your benefit.

All in all, you’re likely to lose at least 70 percent of your warmth to the air above you, making for a hefty price regardless of how much it costs to operate the patio heaters under normal circumstances (which tends to be about $1.20 per hour). In addition to this, you’ll also have to take the CO2 emissions into consideration if you want to invest in gas patio heaters. The average gas heater will emit about 3,300 KG of CO2 every year.

Electric Patio HeaterThis is significantly more than electric powered patio heaters. Electric powered patio heaters only emit about 500 KG of CO2 every year. So why then do so many people focus on using gas powered heaters over using an electric powered model? The answer lies in the efficiency of the two patio heaters. While an electric powered heater tends to be less of a CO2 hazard than their gas powered counterparts, they don’t tend to be able to produce quite as much power as their rivals either.

This isn’t to say that they can’t heat an outdoor area – they are more than equipped to do the job. The problem lies in their inability to match the heat intensity of a gas heater. Their power has been described as being “less bright”, which is sometimes off putting to homeowners. However, though their heat may be less noticeable, it is in no way less effective.

An Electric powered heater is able to produce more accuracy with it’s heat, making them a more ideal choice for people who are looking to get their money’s worth out of outdoor patio heaters. Electric powered heaters are able to use something called infrared technology. This enables them to target specific areas when they produce heat and be less wasteful with their energy.

These patio heaters produce energy that is able to travel from heaters out to the objects and people in the room. The objects and individuals absorb the energy and warm up from the inside out. Then, when they have absorbed enough energy, they begin to produce their own heat and spread that warmth to the rest of the room. This process is much more efficient and also tends to cost less (about 18 cents per hour on average).

Additionally, it doesn’t waste as much heat because it doesn’t expend energy trying to heat the air – it only heats objects around it. The expense of operating patio heaters is decided on a case by case basis. Some people might not mind spending $1.20 per hour to keep themselves and their family warm – especially if they don’t make it a habit to go out on their patio every night.

However, the amount of energy that is wasted is hard to justify if you’re looking at things from a financial perspective. If you want to be able to save money on heating your outdoor area and not incur too many expenses, you should use an electric powered model. These machines take less to operate and also use their energy more efficiently, making for the best option for someone who wants to be conscious of their spending habits.

Can Patio Heaters get Wet?

Can Patio Heaters get Wet?Patio heaters are built to withstand a lot of things, but unfortunately rain and other forms of water are not one of these things. If you want to get the best results from your patio heater, you’ll need to take a few precautions when you are ready to put it up for the night. You’ll want to make sure that you’re able to put the patio heater in a sheltered area so that it won’t be exposed to the elements.

If you have a propane powered heater, work to make sure that you’re able to store the patio heater away from the wind and rain if it looks like there might be a storm brewing in the area. You’ll need to make sure that you have some sort of cover for the patio heater or are able to put the heater up in a shed so it is properly shielded from the rain. Doing this will help to ensure that you’ll be able to get your full use out of patio heaters. Failing to do so, however, could ruin your patio heaters.

Are Patio Heaters safe on Decks?

Are Patio Heaters Safe on Decks?If you’re making an investment into a new piece of equipment, you’re going to want to make sure that you know exactly how it works and how to ensure that everything is done properly. Part of this is making sure that you know the best way to store your patio heater and set it up for use. If you’re investing in patio heaters like a propane patio heater, you’re going to want to make sure that you are able to place the patio heater on a level area that is completely solid.

Decks and tile floors tend to work well for this sort of thing, but you’ll want to avoid putting your heater on softer areas like an open area of dirt or grass. You’ll want to make sure that the area is level because many propane heaters come with a tilt switch that automatically turns the patio heater off once it reaches a certain angle.

Even if the patio heater isn’t angled in the tilt switch position, having it off balance could overwork it and cause it to strain to function properly. If you’ve invested in any other type of patio heaters, leaving them on the deck should be fine. Just make sure that you are able to move your heaters cover it properly if it looks like it might start raining in the near future.

Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze

Top Pick

There are a lot of great picks out on the market in terms of patio heaters, but when it comes down to it, the Fire Sense Commercial Patio Heater is the best. It makes keeping your friends and family warm during the evening an easy task and is the best traditional patio heater you could hope to invest in. The Fire Sense patio heater is powered by a 20 gallon propane tank that is able to provide about 10 hours of blissful warmth on average per each heater.

You’ll be able to heat up to 46,000 btu’s comfortably and stay warm all throughout the evening. Additionally, the heaters come with a safety auto shut off tilt valve that makes it easier to ensure your safety and the safety of your patio heater. This will automatically turn the patio heater off should it accidentally fall over, preventing a fire hazard from occurring.

AZ HIL-FP-1108 Fire Pit

Premium Choice

With so many high quality products on the market, it was difficult to pick our premium buy, but we think we found the best choice with the AZ HIL-FP-1108 Fire Pit. The AZ Fire Pit is a great design that can best fit into anyone’s patio design and also serves as a nice tabletop to gather around when nights start to get chilly. The AZ HIL-FP-1108 Fire Pit is capable of putting out the perfect amount of heat and is on record for producing up to 42,000 btu’s.

You’ll love the sleek design and ample heat that come from the propane burner and how everything will fit so naturally into your backyard. We’re confident that the AZ HIL-FP-1108 Fire Pit is the best premium buy on the market, and soon you will be too.

Belleze 48,000BTU Premium Heater,

Great Value

The Belleze product is outstanding in every aspect – especially when it comes to price. This product can’t be beat in terms of value. It’s the best buy for someone who needs to warm their patio on a budget, which is why we selected it as our best value choice. The Belleze product is capable of putting out  48,000 btu’s, which is more than enough to keep your friends and family warm during the chilly nights.

Additionally, it comes with a variable heat control so you can adjust the settings to fit your needs. It doesn’t get much better than Belleze Commercial Patio Heaters. It’s the best buy on the market and we highly recommend it to anyone who needs to buy patio heaters on a budget.


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