Karcher K4 Pressure Washer Review

Quick Summary

The Karcher K4 Pressure Washer is a particular favorite of ours here at Best of Machinery, utilizing the emphatic branding of Karcher for a tool which we know you will love. Providing a 1.5 GPM electric pressure washer with a powerful 1900 PSI, this pressure washer helps to get your jobs cleaned faster and so much better. In addition, the patented water-cooled induction motor lasts up to five times longer than other models, offering a visual indication through the water flow.

Key Features

The purpose of the Karcher K4 Pressure Washer is to help you to clean the item of your choice with ease and a superb level of power. For example, you can use this Karcher Pressure Washer to quickly clean your car or your windows or clear the dirtiest patios or drive areas. Choose from a choice of spraying with pure water or through mixing with a detergent of your choice.

Features of the Karcher K4 Pressure Washer include a 1900 PSI capability in addition to being a 1.5 GPM electric power washer. The pressure reaches a maximum height of 25-feet, enabling you to reach areas some other pressure washers cannot. In addition, this pressure washer features a Vario Power Spray Wand which can be adjusted simply and quickly through a function located within the wand.

Furthermore, the N-COR pump provides a durable and non-corrosive element which offers maintenance free capabilities, while the patented water-cooled induction motor ensures that the pressure washer lasts up to five times longer than other similar models. The Karcher K4 Pressure Washer offers an onboard detergent tank, enabling you to tailor the pressure washer to meet your project needs.

Additional features include the ability to generate up to 38 times the pressure as a standard garden hose, being able to quickly tackle tough stains, grime, mold, and general dirt to clean any aspect of your home, garden, or car. The level of pressure can simply be altered to tailor the pressure which the job requires, in addition to the level of detergent which you require also.

To ensure that you attain value for money and a good quality purchase, the Karcher K4 Pressure Washer comes complete with a two-year warranty. The Karcher K4 Pressure Washer weighs 27.3 lbs and offers dimensions of 34.3 x 12.1 x 12.8 inches.


  • 1900 PSI and 1.5 GPM electric power washer
  • Reaches a maximum height of 25-feet
  • Vario Power Spray Wand
  • N-COR pump
  • Comes with a two-year warranty


  • The Karcher K4 Pressure Washer weighs 27.3 lbs, which is slightly heavier than other pressure washer models which can weigh around 16 lbs in weight. However, with the additional weight, the Karcher K4 Pressure Washer provides you with a good level of power and strength in order to clean all aspects of your home and garden.

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Who Is It Suitable For?

The Karcher K4 Pressure Washer is a good purchase for any individual who wants to buy a smart and effective tool which can help to keep their home, garden, and car clean and dirt-free. Individuals can adapt this pressure washer to meet any project or needs, enabling you to save money in the long term through washing your own windows and your own car, in addition to bigger garden cleaning tasks.

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Why We Like It

Here at Best of Machinery, we love the Karcher K4 Pressure Washer, providing a strong and powerful tool which is highly adaptable. This model encompasses the latest technology and the user-friendly features which you would expect from the Karcher brand. You will gain a great deal of use from this pressure washer, and with the inclusion of the two-year warranty, this is a very sensible and proactive purchase.


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