Greenworks 1600 PSI Pressure Washer Review

Quick Summary

The Greenworks 16000 PSI electric washer is a reliable and surprisingly powerful pressure washer that’s’ great for cleaning all kinds of outdoor surfaces, as well as things like cars and garden furniture. Best of Machinery have put together this Greenworks 1600 PSI Pressure Washer review & buyers guide to give you a full breakdown of its pros, cons and special features so that you can make a more informed purchasing decision.

Key Features

As an electric washer, the Greenworks 1600 PSI doesn’t need to be manually refueled or restocked – it’ll keep working as long as it’s got power and water running through it, making it much more efficient and low-maintenance in the long run. Its powerful 1600 PSI spray can deal with dirt on a variety of different surfaces, and the high-pressure hose it uses by default allows for a stronger water flow without causing any long-term damage or wear and tear to the washer’s parts.

Rather than using a built-in detergent tank, the Greenworks 16000 PSI Pressure Washer comes with a separate soap applicator, reducing its overall weight and size without forcing you to carry a second set of equipment for harder cleaning jobs. The 35-foot-long power cord gives you a greater range of movement from wherever you’ve plugged it in, which allows for plenty of flexibility and mobility when combined with the 20-foot hose and lightweight, easy-to-carry design.

Unlike some other pressure washers, this model can be used for cleaning at almost any angle, even vertically – the pipes are strong enough to keep a stable flow of water no matter which way you’re facing, making it far easier to deal with dirt on high-up surfaces or inaccessible roof areas.


  • 1600 PSI high-pressure flow for strong, consistent streams of water.
  • Lightweight design that’s easy to carry, store and reposition on a whim.
  • Long power cord and hose that provides greater reach.
  • Powerful, fully-enclosed 13-amp motor.


  • No internal detergent tank.
  • Limited by the range of its power cord.

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Who is it Suitable For?

The Greenworks 16000 PSI is an electric pressure washer, which means that it won’t be for everybody – there are always inherent downsides to using a plug-based pressure washer, especially if you’ve got a large, open garden or yard with very few direct ways to plug it in. However, smaller homes will benefit from the reliable engine and surprisingly flexible power cord, letting you easily move it into places that other cord-based models won’t be able to reach.

The small, lightweight design used for the washer’s frame makes it incredibly easy to store away in smaller homes, especially if you have limited suitable space for it – it’s light enough to easily carry down a flight of stairs, meaning that you can even keep it in an attic or upstairs cupboard without needing to drag it back down each time you want to use it.

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The high-pressure hose and high PSI mean that you’ll always be putting out a steady stream of water that’s strong enough to get rid of most common types of dirt, including most stains. However, the flow is still weak enough to prevent damage to most materials, usually doing little more than making them wet for a while.

Why we like It

This electric pressure washer is a nice compromise between high-powered industrial-strength washers and a regular garden hose, offering a strong flow of water and a reliable frame without sacrificing its convenient size or easily-carried design. On top of that, it’s versatile enough to be used in almost any type of outdoor area, from small gardens to large open fields – since it can clean a huge range of materials, it can work as a multipurpose cleaning tool for a variety of different floor, wall and roof surfaces.

The separate detergent applier makes this versatility even more apparent – you can choose whether or not to apply extra chemicals on a material-to-material basis, rather than having to commit by irreversibly mixing it into the water.
Best of Machinery can’t choose for you, but hopefully, this review will give you the extra details you need to decide whether or not the Greenworks 16000 PSI pressure washer is the right product for you.


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