Is Infrared Heating Safe?

You’ve heard about the amazing benefits of infrared heaters and you want to invest in this awesome form of heating technology – there’s only one problem. You’re still not entirely sold on the safety of the device. You’ve heard from all your friends that it doesn’t seem to be any different from a normal heater, but you want to be sure – and with good reason.When you make an investment in any device you should be fully aware of any safety or health concerns it poses. So here you have it; any question you could possibly ask about the safety of an infrared heater has been answered below!

I’ve Heard These Heaters Use Radiation – How Can That Be Safe?

This is the biggest problem posed by the use of  infrared heating technology, but when it comes down to it, much of the concern with this aspect of infrared heating stems from misinformation.

We’ll start by addressing the radiation aspect. Yes, infrared heaters do use radiation to heat your home – but it’s not the type of radiation you’re used to hearing about. We’re not talking about uranium, plutonium, or any other ‘-um’ that could potentially create health risks in your home, we’re talking about electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation is created from several types of energy sources, but the most widely known source that creates this type of energy is the sun. The sun emits a lot of rays (infrared included) that are completely harmless to the human body.

In fact, the effect of infrared rays on the human body is comparable to the rays that create the natural light that enables us to see. There is no risk for harm when using an infrared heater so long as you treat it with the same care and respect that you would any other electrical appliance.

Can I Leave An Infrared Heater On When I’m Gone?

We’d strongly advise against it. Even though infrared heaters are safe devices to use when it comes to how they impact the human body, they are still electrical appliances. A variety of things can happen when you’re away from home that you have no way of preparing for, so it’s best if you make sure the device is turned off and unplugged before you leave your house.

However, if you’re wanting to leave the heater on because you don’t want to be cold when you arrive home again you have nothing to worry about – infrared heaters work quickly and efficiently, so you won’t have to worry about waiting for hours to be able to relax comfortably. Just wait a few minutes and you should feel a noticeable difference in the air as the energy transmitted by the rays starts to warm the room.

What About My Kids?

Sometimes young ones aren’t as resilient or able to take the heavy demands that adult bodies are more accustomed to. However, when it comes to infrared heating you don’t have to worry. The heater won’t pose a health risk to your children – so long as you treat it like you would any other heater. Even though it isn’t damaging, it can still cause skin irritation or burns if you or your children sit in front of it for too long.

But as long as you keep a watchful eye when your kids are running around your house and put the heater in a place that is out of the way, you shouldn’t encounter any problems with the heater.


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