What are the Benefits of a Wheeled Snow Shovel?

Shoveling snow is back breaking work when using a standard snow shovel, however you choose to use a snow pusher on wheels instead, and it takes most of the hard work out of moving that pesky snow off of your driveway. Simply push the snow away to the side, no lifting and no tossing.

How to make a Snow Shovel with Wheels?

Making your own snow pusher, or snow shovel with wheels is as simple as making a standard snow pusher and then attaching wheels to it. You are going to need the following a set of wheels, a handle and a pusher. The handle has to be sturdy and able to take the pressure of large amount of resistance from the snow and the pusher should be rigid enough to push the snow along. The wheels need to be firmly attached to the base in such a manner that the pusher can rest of the ground as you push the snow away.

First design your pusher. Decide on the type of handle you want and what materials you are going to use to make both the pusher and the handle. The size and shape of the pusher will vary as it depends entirely on your own preference. Make sure that the angle of the handle will allow you to push the snow pusher along without having to bend excessively. Once you have your design ready you can build your pusher. Match up the threading on the socket with the handle. Install the handle socket at the correct angle for you to push effectively.

Use a drill to make a hole for the socket and then tap the socket into the handle with a hammer. You can also use some adhesive here. You will then have to insert an axle for your wheels. You do this by putting a large hole in the frame and attaching the wheels to each end of the axle. Ensure that the pusher is centred on the axle so that the weight is evenly distributed so that you will be able to push the snow effectively.

How to fix Snow Shovel Handle?

Fixing a snow shovel handle would seem like an easy exercise, simply use duct tape. However in saying this if you apply just the wrong amount of pressure, as can definitely be the case when shoveling snow, you may find that you will end up on your back with a completely broken handle in our hands. This can be dangerous, not only due to injury from the fall, but from splinters when the handle breaks. So what do you do when you snow shovel has a broken handle and you do not want to replace the entire thing.

Fixing Snow Shovel HandleWell it is simple, you replace the handle with a new one. In order to do this you will need to remove the old broken wooden handle, by removing the rivet that holds it in place. The hardest part of the exercise is to get the handle out of the sleeve that it holding it to the blade. Place the blade against something solid, then you will use a hammer (usually with some form of hardwood) to drive the handle out.

Once the handle is out it is really easy to put the new one in. Simply slip the blade sleeve over the narrowed end of the new handle. Push it in as far as possible, hit the handle against the floor with the blade up to push it in as deep as possible. Lastly you need to ensure that the handle stays in the sleeve. To do this you need to either screw it in or use a rivet to replace the one you removed. A rivet is stronger and will last longer than a screw.

To insert the new rivet you will have to drill a hole in the handle, use a drill bit that is a little smaller than the rivet you are going to be using. You will then drill another hole the size of the rivet. Place the rivet in the hole and then tap the ends flat with a hammer.

How to make a Snow Shovel?

To make a snow shovel all you need is the head or blade, either plastic or wood, that you are going to be using, along with a strong handle, usually this would be wood. If saving money is your aim then you can use any broken household stuff such as a broken snow shovel along with a worn broom will do the trick. You must ensure that the angle of the handle is aligned with the scoop on the end and that the handle is not too long to be uncomfortable when lifting the heavy snow.

A shovel will not be at the same angle as a pusher. When designing you snow shovel you need to ensure that your handle will be able to hold the weight of lifting heavy snow without breaking. You should also ensure that the handle is long enough to be easy for you to operate. If you are tall select a piece of wood that is long enough for you to avoid back ache and if you are short then you will need a handle that is not too long or you will struggle to get leverage out of your handle and lifting the snow will become extremely difficult.

The most important factor here is to ensure that the handle that you choose is strong enough and that the connection from the handle to the blade is secure. If you do not then you might find that you end up with a broken handle, which is dangerous if it snaps while you are lifting heavy snow, not only from the fall you are likely to take but from the splinters. Securing your blade and handle are of paramount importance.

Once you have selected the material for your scoop, you need to attach the handle to it. Usually an old shovel head or snow shovel head will have a sleeve. You will need to force the one end of your handle into this sleeve as deeply as possible for a nice tight fit. Next you will need to secure the head to the handle using either a screw or a rivet. A rivet will last longer than a screw and is quite simple to put in.


A snow shovel is an important part of your winter tool kit if you live in areas where you have to deal with either heavy or light snowfall. Whether you decide on a wheeled snow pusher or a snow shovel, you do not have to spend a fortune, in fact you can even make your own. No matter what you decide, you need to have this tool at your disposal to be able to clear your driveway and home of unwanted snow build-up.

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