Are Drill Bits Universal?

Suitable for D.I.Y?

More than ever we are seeing more and more do-it-yourselfers tackling their own home-improvement projects, and the demand for quality tools for the non-professional is on the increase. For this reason, power tool companies have created a larger line of universal, or “multi-purpose” or “hybrid” tools on the market to handle this trend.

Universal drill bits, for example, are made to drill holes in a wide variety of materials, from wood, to steel, to plastic – and are available at local hardware and home improvement stores (click here for our full review and guide).

What can you use Drill Bits for?

Unless you are drilling in glass or ceramics (these materials require specialized drill bits), having universal bits means you can use the same bits for just about any other material. As in any product, high quality drill bits are not cheap, and should be properly cared for. Keep them secured in a box so they do not roll around and become dulled.

That said, having a universal drill bit set will make life so much easier not only for professional who are lugging these around the construction site, but especially for those around-the-house projects, whether hanging pictures, installing cabinetry, or building a kitchen table. You can do just about any project with one set of drill bits.

Will I have to Replace my Drill?

Another nice thing is, you won’t have to replace your drill, either. As long as you have a drill with a standard chuck size, you can use any universal drill bit set with your drill.

There is an extensive range of universal drill bits on the market today, and you can choose from an wide line of styles that are available in many sizes, compounds, and fluting, for any industrial application.

What are Universal Drill Bits made of?

Universal drill bits are typically made of a hybrid blend for optimum strength and durability, and the tips are ground on four surfaces in order to minimize skating and ensure clean drill holes in any material including masonry, tile, brick, metal, plastic, or wood. The flutes are fairly steep which also works to quickly remove waste and helps preserve the sharpness of the bit for a longer time.

Durability & Life Span

So, as you see, universal drill bits are becoming more popular with both professional and non-professional users. They are not a cheap option by any means – but they are known for their extra durability and life span, and are well worth the investment to have quality drill bits that deliver well for just about any project required.

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