How to Fix a Backpack Leaf Blower?

Fixing your Backpack Leaf Blower

If you’ve invested in a backpack leaf blower (see our review for the ins and outs), you know you need to keep on top of your game if you’re going to be able to keep it in pristine condition. However, if your machine has somehow become broken or worn down, you’re going to need to find a reliable repair method – and fast. The best way to fix your backpack leaf blower is to leave it to the experts. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew and damage the machine even more than it was before, or even worse – ruin it.

This will only worsen the situation you’re in. The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out the best way to take care of the repair. If you have a warranty on the machine, find the instructions for sending the machine in to be fixed. You can normally do this by looking through the instructions manual or by checking the website of the company you bought the product through. However, if you don’t have warranty on your device, you’re left with one of two options.

Where to get it Fixed

You can either find a professional in your area to come up with a quote to see how much it will cost to get the machine fixed, or you can try to handle the repair on your own if it seems like a fairly simple fix. Before you get started, see if you can verify the cheapest price that you can get by with for taking it into a professional. If the price is affordable, we’d recommend going into your local shop and letting a professional take care of the matter.

D.I.Y Fix

However, if you only need to replace a part or have some experience with making repairs on machinery, you can choose to attempt this process on your own. We’d recommend only attempting tasks like changing the oil, removing and replacing an air filter, and changing out a spark plug. All of these tasks are fairly simple and straightforward. To change the oil, for instance, all you have to do is  make sure you have a flat surface to work on, a container big enough to hold all the oil, and a new can of oil to refill your device.

All you need to do is remove the oil drain cap and let the oil drain out of the backpack leaf blower. Once it has drained, tilt the device over to make sure you’ve cleaned out all of the remaining oil. Then, secure the bolt again and pur the new oil in. If you need to change an air filter, simply disconnect the spark plug from your device. This should give you access to the air filter cover. Once you see it, loosen the knobs on top and then remove the air filter and air filter holder.

For the best results, you should remove them both as if they were one piece. Once it’s out, remove the air filter and replace it with a new one. After that, you’ll be able to put the air filter and filter holder back into your machine, reattach the cover, and tighten it up. Last but not least, if you need to change a spark plug, all you need to do is find the plug boot. Once you’ve located it, disconnect it and use a socket wrench to get the plug itself out.

Fixing Instructions

You’ll need to check online or in the instructions manual to figure out where you’ll need to set the gap for a new spark plug. Once you have this number, thread in the new plug and tighten it with your socket wrench. Then reconnect your spark plug and you’ll be good to go! You’ll be able to complete these repairs easily on your own. For additional repairs, you’ll need to either enlist the help of a professional or send the device back into the manufacturer for repairs.

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