How to Store a Backpack Leaf Blower?

What makes a Backpack Leaf Blower so Easy?

If you’ve recently invested in  a backpack leaf blower, you’ve likely quickly been able to come to appreciate the powerful engine and cleaning power that backs the Leaf Blower device. It works much better than a traditional hand rake or a standard leaf blower, making what you do easier to accomplish so you can spend your day with your family instead of wasting all your time outside with a device that can’t perform. However, now that you’ve gotten your new wonder tool, you’re going to need to know the proper way to take care of it.

How to store your Leaf Blower properly

This means you’ll need to know how to store it properly if you want it to be able to hold up to all of the strenuous use you’re going to be putting it under. There are several options that you have to store your backpack leaf blower if you’re looking to save on storage space in your garage or workshop. You have the option of finding a sturdy shelf to set the device up on.

Setting Up

You’ll want to make sure that you’re able to set it up and off of the ground if you opt for this option to help keep it away from all the dirt and debris. If you don’t have a shelf – or don’t want to use a shelf, you can try finding some space on your work table. This will work especially well if you need to have a space where you can access it quickly and without too much effort.

Keeping it Clean and Usable

It will also help to keep your machine away from the dust and debris on your garage or workshop floor and also help to keep it away from the colder temperatures. If neither of those options suit you, you might have to invest in some more ingenuitive solutions. One way that you can accomplish this is to drill in two different hooks to the wall of your garage or workshop. Once you do this, you’ll be able to hang up the hooks and then hang your backpack leafblower from these hooks.

This will create a secure location that you’ll be able to easily access when you get ready to clean out your lawn. Last but not least, if none of these solutions work well for you, you can protect your backpack leaf blower by putting it inside the box it came in and storing it that way. You’ll be able to keep it safe from dust, debris, and pests, among other things.

Additionally, the square shape of the box will make it easy to store in your workplace regardless of how full or empty it may be. Regardless of which method you choose, make sure that you’re able to keep your backpack leaf blower safe from the elements and from dirt or any other substance that could make it more difficult to start or care for your machine. You’ll need to to stay in good shape if you plan on getting your full use out of the device.


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