Are Electric leaf Blowers any Good?

So, in our modern era, we now have alternatives to your classic gasoline-powered yard equipment. As technology increases in its efficiency and its effectiveness the products that we can purchase on the retail market only continue to increase in their value. Some relatively inexpensive machines can do things that might shock you – and some even rival their traditionally dominant, non-electric counterparts.

The electric leaf blowers of today have a lot of advantages that are associated with them. Depending on the type of person you are, your preferences, and the job that you need to get done – and especially the size of that job – you might find than a non-gas machine might very well be worth it to you; although, there are certain circumstances that might make one very well want to go with a traditional gas product.

First off, the thing that you’re going to have to consider during the whole process of buying a blower is the price of the machine that you’re going to be purchasing. Budget can definitely make a lot of a difference when it comes to what you can, will, or just can’t pick up or afford. Read our latest review of the top electronic leaf blower right here.

Electric leaf blowers, almost without exception, are almost always cheaper than their gas alternatives. The most expensive electrics will probably be pricier than the cheapest of their gas alternatives, but still not by very much. You can get a rudimentary electric for as little as thirty dollars and a higher end model for seventy to one-hundred and fifty or so.

On the other hand, the starting price for gas machines is around seventy-give dollars and it only goes up from there. To be fair, though gas blowers do generally have a lot more power to offer than electrics. You’re not going to want to use a cheap electric product for a yard or grass lot, simply because it won’t be powerful enough to handle the job.

The higher end electric models, however, can effectively challenge your average gas blower, so the whole situation is not without hope. Electrics also tend to be a lot lighter than their counterparts and less noisy.

If you’re concerned about the environment, then there’s definitely no argument that an electric blower would probably be more favorable to your sensibilities. Gas blowers are definitely very environmentally non-friendly; they have also been known to emit cancer-causing fumes and are definitely harder on your body than an electric blower would be. Click here for our guide on leaf blowers without a cord.

Many electrics are more than capable of tackling even the hardest lawns and there are even some contractor grade rigs out there. Higher-end electrics can have impressive vacuuming and shredding capabilities as well. The best of electrics can have as high as a 16:1 ratio when it comes to reducing the volume of leaves via shredding; whereas, most of the higher-end models can at least manage 10:1.

What’s better for you is going to depend on a number of factors, but generally those with bigger yards are going to want to go with gas or a heavy-duty electric blower. Those with small yards, or who only need to handle and tackle patios and decks would probably save a lot of money buying a cheaper, residential-grade electric blower.

But, to answer the original question, yes, electric blowers are good and do have their own strengths.


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