How long do Electric leaf Blowers Last?

One of the greatest advantages to an electric blower, without a doubt, is convenience and ease-of-use. If they’re treated properly, an electric blower can last much longer without any troubles or breaks than a gas-guzzling alternative. There are a few things that you’re going to want to keep in mind when up-keeping your electric blower, though, if you want it to last and work for as long and as effectively as possible. See our detailed review on the best electric leaf blowers money can buy.

The number one thing that you can do to always make sure that your blower is working properly is to make sure that you’re using a proper extension cord with it – this is assuming that your blower is a corded model.

There are varying lengths and gauges of extension cords. If you use the wrong gauge or if you use too long of a cord, then you’re going to risk reducing the power supply that’s flowing into your blower. If the power that you supply your machine with is too low, when compared to what it was designed to run on, then your product very well might just not work at all.

Be sure to consult your blower’s owner’s manual to see what type of power cord it needs to be paired with. On another note, if you ever find that your corded blower isn’t working, then it’s definitely worth a shot to try and see if there’s a chance that its the cord or outlet that’s powering it that’s really faulty, as this isn’t so uncommon. All you have to do to troubleshoot a situation like this is to try a different extension cord and a different outlet with your blower, until you can identify where an issue might lie.

Another thing that you should keep in mind when you’re using your blower is that its best to never leave it outside in the elements. Rain, sleet, and snow can all seriously damage an electric motor, so allowing your electric blower to come in contact with these things is something that you should definitely avoid. Alternatively, you could try a cordless leaf blower, like the ones we reviewed here.

Also avoid exposing your blower to the direct heat of the sun, whenever you’re not using it. Allowing your blower to become too hot in the sun, day after day, and then allowing it cool down every night when the moon comes out can cause problems that could be avoided if you simply were to store your tool in a shed or indoors.

Finally, if you have a battery-powered blower, you can extend the lifespan of its battery by storing the battery indoors. You can leave the blower itself outside, but the battery will greatly benefit from being stored at an even, cool, and indoor temperature.

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