How do Leaf Blowers Work?

If you’ve ever purchased a leaf blower, chances are you were quickly amazed by just how effective they can be. Leaf blowers help to make life easier – especially during the fall season when a torrent of leaves come down from trees making winter preparations. Leaf blowers are able to maximize your ability to clear out leaves effectively while minimizing your work time. They’re also able to minimize – or even eliminate – aches and pains that usually occur when your work requires you to constantly bend down, crouch, or squat.

It’s an amazing device that is well worth the investment – but have you ever been curious about how it works? The creative process is actually fairly easy to understand, and helps to increase your appreciation for the device.

What’s the Science Behind it?

Leaf blower work by taking advantage of something called centrifugal force. What’s that you may say? We’re glad you asked. Centrifugal force (known by some as pseudo force) is the energy that is created when a rotating frame moves fast enough to generate force in objects nearby.

You might have seen something like this in motion if you’ve ever used a fan in place of an air conditioner on a hot summer day. When you place a fan so that the back is facing the inside of your house and the front is facing the outside, you can use centrifugal force to circulate air out of your house. The fan will suck up the air that’s been sitting and heating up your house and push it outside so new air can come in. If you have multiple fans to work with, you can use this principle to create an air current that will help to cool your house down effectively.

So How Does it Work?

When a leaf blower turns its fans on, the blades rotate rapidly to create centrifugal force. This force acts on the air surrounding the device. Once the centrifugal force has been applied to the air, it is sucked into the fan.

Next, the force acts to push the air out of the leaf blower. Because the front of the machine is more narrow than the back of the machine, the large volume of air that is sucked in has to push itself out forcefully to keep up with the new air that is rapidly being sucked into the machine. This process helps to create tremendous wind speed that works to clear away those pesky leaves from your yard.

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