Honda Pressure Washer Troubleshooting Problems

Resolving Honda Pressure Washer Troubleshooting Issues

Honda pressure washers are high quality, reliable pieces of pressure washing equipment that can help you to clean even the most stubborn dirt from outdoor areas with ease. Even the best pieces of machinery, however, can suffer from problems and mechanical issues at some point in their lifespan, and Honda pressure washers are not immune to this despite their high quality.

Fortunately, all models of Honda pressure washer follow relatively similar construction principles, so we at Best of Machinery have put together a number of simple troubleshooting options that you can use to help solve many problems with most models of Honda pressure washer.

Engine Won’t Start

The engine is the most complex part of a Honda pressure washer, and the area in which most problems occur. If you can’t get the engine to start, there are a few simple steps you can follow to check what’s wrong with it. First, check that you’re using the correct starting procedure.

This is one of the areas in which Honda pressure washers vary the most, so it’s important to check the manual for your particular model of Honda pressure washer in order to determine whether or not you’re starting it up correctly. Then, check various interior options. The engine could be flooded; try cranking it while the choke is in. If you can smell gas when you do this, leave the engine for 10 minutes or so to drain before you try again.

The air filter may be too dirty to function properly. Open the filter compartment and clean the filter according to the manual’s recommendations; this will require either soap and water or compressed air.

Engine Stalls

If the engine of your Honda pressure washer starts up but then stalls, or runs but visibly slower than it should, your problem is probably a blockage in one or more of the air passages. The easiest way to fix this is to clean or replace the air filters to clear up the air flow. If the problem consists after cleaning the air filters, you probably have a problem with the carburetor of your Honda pressure washer, and therefore you should take your pressure washer for professional servicing as soon as possible.

Water leaking from inside

If water is leaking out of the inside of your Honda pressure washer, you’ve probably got a problem with some of the internal plastic components. This is often caused by leaving the washer idle over the winter without draining it properly, leading the water left inside to freeze, expanding and splitting the plastic elements of the pressure washer.

Any broken parts such as this can be replaced; check the Honda manufacturer’s website for more details on this. Unfortunately, there is no simple home repair option for this problem, as elements of the Honda pressure washer have been physically broken.

No Water From the Sprayer

If no water is coming out of the spray nozzle of your Honda pressure washer, there might be an issue with the water flow. Check that you’ve connected it tightly and correctly to a water source such as a tap before turning the engine on, and if the issue persists, inspect the hose for kinks. Sharp kinks in the water hose can prevent water from flowing into your Honda pressure washer, so it’s important to check it and make sure the hose is free from kinks, allowing water to flow through smoothly and freely.

Low Pressure

If the water pressure of your Honda pressure washer falls too low, it won’t wash anywhere near as effectively when you try to use it. There are a number of possible reasons for this; the nozzle may be blocked, preventing water from moving through properly. To repair this, switch off the pressure washer, remove the nozzle, and flush water through it to clean it.

A minor filter blockage can also prevent water from flowing through effectively; in this situation, follow the same steps as above. Switch off the pressure washer, remove the filter, and wash it by hand.

Alternatively, you may have chosen the wrong setting on your nozzle. Check which setting you’re using, as, for example, a setting for soap cleaning has a much wider aperture than a high-pressure water nozzle, and therefore won’t provide anywhere near as much pressure. Adjusting the nozzle settings can make a significant difference to the pressure of your washer!

Pressure Falls Rapidly

If your Honda pressure washer starts running well, but then the pressure rapidly falls off, the problem could be with a hose or with the water source. Start by checking whether your water supply is powerful enough; measure the gallons per minute it produces by filling buckets and compare this number to the requirements for your Honda pressure washer.

Alternatively, one of the hoses you’re using may have a minor kink in it, choking out the water flow, or may be leaking, preventing the pressure from building up properly. Check all of your hoses and replace any that are damaged.

No Soap

The soap injection mechanism in a Honda pressure washer is a separate mechanical component and can fail in a number of ways distinct from the main body of the washer. The most common problem is simply that you’ve forgotten to change the nozzle set to a soap appropriate one. Higher pressure washing settings won’t draw soap into the tube, leaving it seems as though something major has gone wrong.

Alternatively, the soap injector itself may be the problem. Start by checking that the soap injector valve on your Honda pressure washer has been switched on! If it has been switched on, and there’s still no sign of any soap, disassemble the injector and clean it thoroughly; soap residue can prove a significant problem.


If you follow the above instructions, you should be able to troubleshoot many of the most common honda pressure washer problems, helping you to keep cleaning with ease!

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