What is a Solar Generator?

With the growing technological advances we’ve been seeing in the past few years, it comes as little surprise to many that our ability to use solar energy has progressed significantly. There are many different advances and tools we’ve been able to create thanks to our growing understanding of solar energy – and one of them is the implementation of solar generators (click here for the review). When solar energy was first being used, it was most commonly used as a way to supplement power to a stationary device or object like a computer or home.

However, since its inception, there have been significant advances that allow us to capitalize on the potential of solar energy. Once we discovered how to store solar energy in power cell, we were able to use solar energy as a main source of energy instead of a supplemental power source – it only makes sense that we make solar energy our go to power source for emergency situations since it is the only source of power that we are always guaranteed access to.

Guide on Solar Generator Kits

As our understanding of solar energy progresses, our ability to integrate it into our lives and use it as a cleaner energy source increases. While solar energy has many wonderful potentials, perhaps one of the best opportunities it provides us with is the ability to have a consistent and reliable source of solar energy. Solar energy is the only type of clean fuel source that we have that doesn’t require us to make consistent fuel purchases after we’ve invested in a generator. This is because it doesn’t require any supplemental parts or fuel types to run properly – all it needs is sunlight exposure.

Solar panels are able to generate their own energy because they are made up of many smaller cells called photovoltaic cells. These cells are able to harvest energy from the sun because of the electric field they are able to generate. Electric fields, like magnetic fields, require two opposing forces in order to exist. However, in this case, those opposing forces happen to be the collision of opposite and negative forces colliding. To do this, we have to manually change the charges of the material that makes up a photovoltaic cell.

Solar Generator KitsPhotovoltaic cells are typically made up of two semi conductive materials that are given opposite charges. Historically, the semi conductive material used is usually silicone, however in recent years other materials have been used as well. These two pieces of semi conductive material don’t start out with opposite charges on their own. To create the electric field, we have to charge these semi conductive materials ourselves. The first piece of silicone is typically treated with phosphorus. This element is able to add electrons to the silicone, which gives it a negative charge.

Then, the second piece of silicone is treated with boron. This takes electrons away from the silicone, which gives it a positive charge. Once both pieces of silicone have been treated, they can be combined together to create an electric field and therefore, a photovoltaic cell. After this has been done, the rest is fairly straightforward. To start, the photovoltaic cell is combined with other cells and materials that allow it to become a solar panel.  The solar panel has metal at either end, as well as wires.

These parts are important to the process of harvesting the energy that is captured by the photovoltaic cells. Once the solar panel has been created, it is laid out in a bright, sunny area. The ideal time to do this is on an especially sunny day with little or no clouds to get in the way.  When the solar panel is allowed to sit out in the sun and absorb energy it is able to use photons from the sunlight to free electrons from their atoms. Once these electrons have been freed, they are able to be collected at the ends of the solar panel where the pieces of metal are.

Once this has been done, the wire is able to transfer the electrons from the metal to our devices and appliances and convert the electrons into useable energy. It is through this process that we are able to create solar energy. This is why solar energy is becoming so popular.  While it often does take a few hours to completely charge the batteries on any given solar device, you can counteract the waiting time by using a car or wall charger to get your device powered up to the point it needs to be at.

This way, when an emergency strikes, you’ll already have useable power that you can utilize while charging your solar panel or batteries further to continue to hold this charge. Solar generators usually come in kits that allow them to both meet and exceed any needs that you may have in a back up power source.  One of the most useful features is that these devices typically have is that they are able to be charged in more than one manner.

This allows you to make use of your devices regardless of where you are and what type of power you have access to. In addition to this, many solar generators are able to provide energy to larger devices, objects, and batteries like what you may find in an RV in addition to having USB plug ins. Some solar generators come with additional benefits that enable you to do even more things, however these benefits require you to do some research into which device you’re investing in.

Are Solar Generators Worth the Investment?

Solar generators are well worth the investment, however that doesn’t mean the investment will come cheap. There are a wide variety of generators you can invest in and all of these generator types and models have certain advantages and disadvantages. They also have different performance capabilities. If you invest in a smaller generator that will be good enough to charge a few of your devices (like a phone, laptop, or tablet) you can probably get by with only paying a few hundred dollars.

However, to get a solar generator that is capable of providing power to your RV or small home, you’re going to need to invest in a solar generator that is worth anywhere from a thousand to several thousand dollars. Last but not least, if you need to invest in a system that can support a large home, you’ll likely need to invest upwards of $10,000 dollars to support your needs.

What Portable Solar Generator Should i Get?

What Portable Solar Generator to getPortable solar generators offer a unique opportunity for those who like to travel or don’t live a traditional lifestyle. They offer a consistent source of power that doesn’t require payment and doesn’t ever run out. They also offer a cleaner energy source that won’t produce emissions or pose a threat as a potential fire hazard. If you like to spend time outdoors or live in a mobile home like an RV, you should consider the benefits that portable solar generators provide. You’ll be able to accomplish more thanks to their versatile nature, and won’t have to spend as much time setting them up thanks to their easy to use design.

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