What is an Oscillating Tool?

What is an Oscillating Tool?

An oscillating tool, often called an oscillating multi-tool (click to find the top choices), is one of the most versatile hand-held power tools available on the market today. They’re compact, and can easily be operated in even the tightest spaces. And thanks to a wide-variety of available attachments, these dynamic tools can efficiently tackle a staggering number of projects. For these reasons, an oscillating multi-tool is a must-have tool for any DIY-er or professional.

What Models are there?

What Oscillating Tool Models are there?These power tools are available in two models: corded or cordless. With an average weight around 4 lbs, they are fairly lightweight, reducing user fatigue even during prolonged use. The tool operates by making a low angle (usually around 3-4 degrees) back-and-forth motion that is capable of producing operating speeds of up to about 21,000 oscillations per minute.

What Motion does an Oscillating Tool have?

This motion is incredibly fast, so fast that your naked eye probably won’t detect it. Instead, you’ll simply feel the tool vibrating in your hands. This short, high-speed motion is perfect for making quick work out of a variety materials and applications, delivering reliable control and smooth performance.

What Benefits do I get using an Oscillating Tool?

While most people know that an oscillating tool is capable of sanding wood, fillers, and hard finishes easily, the greatest benefit of them is that they’re capable of taking on so many other projects. With the right attachment, you can grind, remove tile grout, make flush or plunge cuts, cut door jambs and casings prior to the installation of new floors, cut metal and piping, and scrape away old paint and other adhesives.

How Practical is it?

With a variety of practical uses both in the home and workplace, an oscillating tool is sure to become one of the most reliable tools you’ll ever buy. Compact, lightweight, and capable of accepting a variety of attachments for unrivalled versatility, they’re a must-have addition to any toolbox.


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