Are Space Heaters safe to Leave on all Night?

If you’re going to invest in a space heater, you want to be sure that it is able to meet all of your expectations and function properly (click here to find the right product for you). That means being able to work to heat your home efficiently without causing any fire hazards. Many people think they can get by with using their space heaters throughout the night if they’re careful to make sure nothing gets too close to the device or accidentally tips it over.

However, these precautions are still not enough to prevent accidents from happening. Even having a device with overheating protection technology isn’t enough to guarantee your safety at night if you leave your space heater on. As much as we may dislike it, there’s no getting around it – you have to turn your space heater off at night.

It Can Cause Fires

Dangers of Space HeatersOne of the biggest reasons people try to avoid using space heaters at night is because they are prone to cause fires that can quickly get out of hand. Even if you take precautions to make sure your space heater won’t fall or accidentally overheat an object in your room, there is still a great risk for fire. This is because the device could overheat and cause a fire in the wiring, or cause your circuit to overheat and cause the same issue.

Regardless, if a fire happens as a result of this, you aren’t likely to see or smell it in time to do anything to stop it from spreading. No matter how cold it is, losing your home because you didn’t want to turn your heater off isn’t worth it. Instead, fight the cold by wearing long layers and using multiple blankets. This will help to trap your body heat and keep you warm through the night.

It Can Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Even if you manage to avoid a fire hazard, leaving your space heater on could still cause you unnecessary problems when it comes to health issues and hazards. Carbon monoxide is a natural byproduct of space heaters and not having the proper ventilation for your home could prove to be dangerous if you decide to leave the machine running without being able to monitor it. The carbon monoxide levels in your home could potentially build up and cause severe damage to your health and the health of your family so it is paramount that you invest in a reliable carbon monoxide monitor.

It Dries Out Your Skin

It’s hard enough to keep warm and cozy during the winter season – you shouldn’t make it harder to stay healthy by overusing your space heater. Using your space heater too often could lead to undesirable consequences like leaving your skin and nasal passages dried out.

Not only is this uncomfortable, it could cause you to incur further damage to your health because it makes you more likely to become sick if you go outside or your skin cracks and leaves you exposed to bacterial infections. It’s much better to use the device only as needed to make sure that you don’t incur too many damages.


Though it can be tempting to leave your space heater on during the winter months, it is highly inadvisable. Doing so could cause you and your family to become unnecessarily sick or put you in harm’s way. Instead of leaving your space heater on at night, try wearing longer sleeves and warmer materials. It will also help if you use multiple blankets to help keep you warm while you sleep. These options are safe, and more than effective enough to keep you warm during the winter season.

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