Honda GCV160 Pressure Washer Review


When you’re looking for a great pressure washer for cleaning your home or garden, Honda pressure washers are among the best. There are many different models of Honda pressure washer, and determining which is the best for you can be an important step towards getting the best performance and efficiency out of your pressure washing experience. We at Best of Machinery have put several models through their paces, and below you’ll find a look at one of our favorite models of Honda pressure washer.

Quick Summary

The Honda GCV160 Pressure Washer is a large, high powered model of Honda pressure washer that’s ideal for a wide range of domestic outdoor cleaning tasks, from washing the outside of your house to blasting ingrained dirt from between the tiles of a patio. This is a great, powerful option for pretty much any type of domestic user, no matter how large your cleaning project may be.

Key Features

One of the best households powered pressure washer options on the market, the Honda GCV160 Pressure Washer offers a wide range of helpful features for domestic use. Its powerful and lightweight engine offers high pressurizing power, operating with a great deal of fuel efficiency for smooth cleaning power. It is easy to start and easy to use model of pressure washer, and can be used to high performance by any user, no matter their experience or confidence levels.


High Powered: The Honda GCV160 Pressure Washer contains a GCV160 engine, a high powered, high-performance engine that produces a high level of water pressure for easy, efficient, and powerful cleaning of any outdoor surface necessary.

Lightweight: The body of this pressure washer is lightweight despite its powerful engine, making this an easy model of Honda pressure washer to transport to and from locations in need of cleaning. This makes the Honda GCV160 pressure washer a great choice for those who need to use a pressure washer in out of home locations.

Fuel Efficient: The GCV160 engine operates at a high level of fuel efficiency, keeping running costs and emissions relatively low for a gas powered pressure washer. This makes running the Honda GCV160 pressure washer for extended periods of time more affordable and practical than many other models of powered pressure washer.

Easy to Start: While many gas-powered pressure washers take a great deal of effort to start up, the GCV160’s single pull design has been specifically constructed for a smooth, simple startup process.

Low Maintenance: The durable body and tough, well-constructed components of the Honda GCV160 Pressure Washer ensure that it stays in good condition even after heavy use. Minimal maintenance is required to keep this pressure washer running at peak performance for a long time.


Loud: The high power of the Honda GCV160 Pressure Washer’s engine allows for excellent cleaning performance, but this comes at the cost of a high operating volume. While not as loud as many competing models of pressure washer engine, the GCV160 still produces a fair bit of noise during regular daily use.

High Temperature: The Honda GCV160 Pressure Washer’s high powered engine produces a great deal of heat as well as noise during regular use. This is not a major issue during use by any means but is worth being aware of. Make sure the plastic hoses of the pressure washer are kept well away from the hot body of the pressure washer, as prolonged contact with heated engine parts can cause the plastic of the hoses to fatigue and weaken, or even to melt, causing ruptures and problems.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Offering high power and high performance, the Honda GCV160 Pressure Washer is a great choice for most levels of domestic pressure washing use, helping you to clean any outdoor surface with ease and speed. It’s powerful enough for minor commercial, industrial or professional cleaning projects too, making this model of pressure cleaner a good choice for almost any type of pressure washer user.

Why We Like It

Combining versatility with power, the Honda GCV160 Pressure Washer is a cleaning machine that offers high performance in a wide range of situations with only minor downsides. The market for pressure washers is a busy one, but this model performs well in any situation with no issue. The GCV160 engine is one of Honda’s best performing engines under most test situations, and it brings this performance to the pressure washer, helping this model of pressure washer to stand out from the crowd.


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