Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower Review & Buyers Guide

Quick Summary

We review many different items of machinery here at Best of Machinery, and we get particularly excited when we come across a powerful tool which is both fantastic for the user and amazing for the environment. This is true for the Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower, utilizing 48V power from 75Ah batteries. This lawn mower enables you to achieve up to two hours of continued usage and offers the environmentally-conscious individual a green alternative to a gas riding mower.

High-Quality performance is achieved from this lawn mower, while ensuring that no pollution is emitted into the air, eliminating carbon emissions and providing numerous benefits for the environment.

Key Features

The purpose of the Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower is to enable the user to maintain and cut large areas of lawn and larger outdoor spaces while utilizing battery power, minimizing any otherwise harmful effects upon the environment when using a gas-powered riding lawn mower. In addition, the Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower features all of the desired and necessary up-to-date functions which makes this lawn mower a sensible purchase.

Features of the Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower include a 38-inch two-blade deck for the best performance, in addition to a twelve position manual deck adjustment, offering a precise and direct cut across your grass area. Furthermore, the Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower offers many user-friendly functions such as LED headlights so that you can continue maintaining your outdoor space even as dusk approaches, as well as useful cruise control to provide a comfortable ride and efficient use. All modern, desirable features are included, including a USB phone charger.

Furthermore, with no filters, spark plugs, or belts to maintain, the Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower is very easy to look after and care for, while the dual high powered brushless motor offers high performance and very good quality. This riding lawn mower provides up to two hours of running time, which equates to almost two acres of use per charge. Furthermore, the Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower promises a quiet operation so that your neighbors are not disturbed.

Ensuring that this lawn mower runs off battery power ensures that you are emitting zero carbon emissions, enabling you to contribute positively to helping the environment. The Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower comes complete with a three-year warranty, offering great coverage and value for your purchase. In addition, this lawn mower offers dimensions of 63 x 46 x 38.5 inches and 38-inch cutting width, while providing a weight of 595 lbs.


  • Battery powered riding lawn mower, emitting zero carbon emissions
  • Provides up to two hours of running time on a full battery, offering up to two acres of coverage
  • Cruise Control
  • USB charger and LED headlights
  • Quiet operation and easy to maintain


  • The Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower is perfect for larger outdoor spaces, although would not be suitable for smaller lawns and areas which do not require the size and power of a riding lawn mower.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower is suitable for the individual who wants to contribute positively towards the environment, eliminating carbon emissions from their lawn mower yet still ensuring that a high-quality performance is achieved. Offering up to two acres of coverage for the two hours of running time from the battery life, this lawn mower is a great purchase for individuals with large outdoor spaces.

Why We Like It

Here at Best of Machinery, the Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower is a favorite. Offering great performance and a high-quality finish for your garden area, there really is no compromise for the environmentally friendly benefits which this machine provides. We think that the power which the Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower offers the individual is on par with the strongest gas-guzzling machines currently on the market, and with zero carbon emissions, this machine is a winner for everyone.


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