How to Hang a Wheelbarrow?

Storing a wheelbarrow with its awkward size and weight can prove to be a challenge for many homeowners. Luckily, with just a handful of supplies and an hour or two of free time, anyone can hang a wheelbarrow from a garage or shed wall, freeing up precious storage space for other valuable items. Carefully choose a spot for the wheelbarrow to hang. Use a stud finder to locate the center of the stud. Once you have located it, mark it with a pencil.

Wheel the wheelbarrow up against the wall, directly below the pencil mark. Make another pencil mark where the lip of the wheelbarrow meets the wall. Measure 1 inch down from the second pencil mark and install the lower bracket at this point on the wall. Screw two screws into the two holes in the lower bracket. Make sure these screws are tight into the wall, as the lower bracket holds most of the weight of the wheelbarrow (see the top 10 picks here).

Once the lower bracket is firmly in place, roll the wheelbarrow up to the lower bracket and place the lip in the bracket. Tip the wheelbarrow upward so it is standing vertically with the lip balanced on the lower bracket. Using a pencil, mark the wall where the top edge of the wheelbarrow touches the wall When the two brackets are mounted, place the lip of the wheelbarrow into the lower bracket, and then tilt the wheelbarrow up vertically against the wall.

Pull the top mounting bracket over the top edge of the wheelbarrow until it clicks into place. Be sure to check that the wheelbarrow and brackets are firmly in place before using them for long-term storage. To take the wheelbarrow down from the wall, simply unlatch the top bracket, and then swing the handles down until the wheel is resting on the ground. Lift the lip of the wheelbarrow out of the bottom bracket and the wheelbarrow is ready to use.

How to Change a Wheelbarrow Tire?

Firstly, flip the wheelbarrow over so that the tire is facing upwards. Loosen the nuts on the one side of the axle bracket and then repeat on the other side bracket. Lift the wheel off of the wheelbarrow frame and remove the axle from the old wheel. Slide the new wheel onto the axle and set the wheel back onto the frame. Replace the brackets and the nuts and make sure to fasten the nuts properly.

How to fix a Wheelbarrow Tire?

Wheelbarrow tires that have tubes can be fixed easily with a repair kit. To do this, you need to remove the tube and cover the hole with a rubber patch and cement. Allow to dry thoroughly and then replace the tube. To fix a flat, tubeless tire you need to fill the tire with air in order to locate the puncture site. Use the reamer from the plug-repair kit and force it into the hole. This will give the hole a rough edge.

Pass the rubber plug about halfway through the slot at the end of the applicator tool. Thinly coat the plug with the rubber cement and pull out the reamer. /immediately push the cement coated plug two-thirds into the tire. Cut off any excess plug with a side cutter tool and fill the tire with air.

How to Inflate a Wheelbarrow Tire?

Begin by cleaning away any dirt and debris from the rim seals and lift the wheel off of the ground. Loop the strap of a band clamp around the outside of the tire and pull it tight. The strap should be as close to the center as possible and away from the rim. As the band tightens, it should cause the side walls to flex and push the bead against the rim. Using a compressor or bicycle pump, pump air into the tire and listen for any escaping air.

If you hear air escaping, pull the clamp tighter. Once the tire pressure has reached the correct inflation, you can release the clamp. Continue to pump until the correct pressure is reached. Remove the compressor or pump and you’re done.

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