What are the Different Kinds of Snow Blowers?

If you live in an area that gets a heavy annual snowfall, you know how tedious it can be to have to shovel snow out your driveway on a daily basis. When the winter season rolls around, it seems that you’re outside on a weekly – or even daily basis – trying to clear out your yard so you can go to work and continue about your normal routine. This process can be exhausting. You constantly have to go back and forth to keep your driveway clear and wake up early to ensure you’ll be able to get to work on time, only to have to repeat the process whenever a storm blows in. To head over to our brand new Snow Blower review click here.

It’s a tedious task that takes far longer than it should. That being said, it’s obvious that this task is infinitely harder when you don’t have the proper equipment. Using a shovel takes far longer than it should and makes you vulnerable to the elements. You not only run the risk of becoming sick, you also risk injury should you slip and fall or pull a muscle while trying to clear out your driveway. With so many home owners being dependent on their mobility for work and daily tasks, this is definitely something you don’t want to risk.

This is where snow blowers come in. They provide a unique opportunity to effectively clear out your lawn without exerting too much effort. You’ll also be able to save a significant amount of time, allowing you to sleep in longer and have more time to relax before beginning your work for the day. There are two main types of snow blowers you can choose from depending on what your needs are and what kind of budget you’re working with.  The first is an electric snow blower. These blowers either require a plug in to an electrical outlet, or a battery to work.

They tend to be good options for those who are working with a budget, have a small driveway, or fit both of these criteria. They tend to cost anywhere upwards of $100. The second type of snow blower is the gas powered snow blower. These machines are built with sturdy and durable materials. They are typically able to clear more snow than electric models and are good for long driveways. These types of snow blowers typically cost upwards of $1,000.

How Good are Battery Powered Snow Blowers?

Battery powered snow blowers are the least effective model of the three options available. However, thanks to the recent advancements in technology, they aren’t ineffective. Battery powered snow blowers have plenty of power when it comes to taking care of small properties and driveways. You’ll be able to complete your work quickly and with only exerting a minimum amount of effort. It’s a great option for new home owners with small budgets who need a better way to clear out their driveways, but don’t have the money for a larger machine.

What are the Stages of Snow Blowers?

If you do your research into the different types of snow blowers, you’re likely to come across information about the different stages of snow blowers that are available on the market. Stages refer to the way that a gas powered snow blower is able to collect, break down, and dispense of snow in your driveway.There are three different stage types that you’ll be able to choose from. Each of them operates in different ways. However, the one thing that all of these snow blowers have in common is that they use augers to operate.

The auger is the device that is in charge of cutting into, chopping up, and dispensing of the snow in your driveway. The different types of augers are able to do different things when it comes to clearing out your yard and each stage is able to add a bit more efficiency when it comes to clearing out the snow. However, this also comes with increased price and different benefits for different kinds of driveways. The first type is the single stage snow blower. This type of snow blower only uses one auger to operate.

What are the Stages of Snow BlowersThis auger is able to cut down into the snow and gather up a problem area. It will then discharge the snow out of its snow chute. This process will eventually help to clear your driveway of the snow. This method also comes with several benefits considering the fact that the auger makes contact with the ground. This means that the auger scrapes away all the snow – there shouldn’t be anything left on your driveway when you get done. The second type of snow blower is the two stage model. This model is an upgraded version of the single stage blower.

In addition to an auger, it has an added impeller that makes it easier and more efficient to cut up the snow. In this type of snow blower, the machine is able to scoop up the excess snow but doesn’t make contact with the ground. After the auger scoops up the snow, the impeller helps to break it apart into more manageable chunks and push it out the discharge chute.

The fact that the auger doesn’t touch the ground has both benefits and drawbacks. The benefit to this is that you’ll be able to use the snow blower on gravel and other types of crushed stone driveways. The drawback is that a small layer of snow will be left on top of the driveway, though the snow blower will still make a significant impact.

Why is There a Reverse Speed on Snow Blowers?

The reverse speed is to help you backup the snow blower to the top of your driveway again. You’ll likely enjoy using a two speed reverse snow blower if you choose to go with this option. This will help you choose the appropriate speed setting to keep you on track with your winter work. If you have a long distance to backtrack on and need to move a bit faster, you can always pull the snow blower up your driveway without using the reverse system if you have a light enough model.

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