How to use a Laser Level with a Tripod?


Every now and again you might find yourself in a situation when your trusty laser level falls a bit short. This is when a tripod stand will come in handy.  Most laser levels do come standard with a tripod but some do not. Fortunately most laser level devices are equipped with a mount thread which will be able to fit onto most universal tripods available on the market. It might be a good idea to assess the type of project you will be working on before going out and buying a laser level.

This way you will know if a tripod is necessary or not before you go throwing money in the water. Another important thing to look at is the type of laser level you will need to complete the job.  Will you be using a rotary, line or dot laser level?  This will largely influence the type of tripod you will need to purchase.

Adjustable leg Tripods

This is the most commonly used type of tripod on the market today largely due to the fact that each of the three legs are adjustable, making it easy to set up over uneven terrain. Having control over each leg separately makes working on a slope or steep incline possible while its retractable legs make transporting and storage a breeze. The three legs also make for a much more stable mount for your laser level especially in very windy outdoor conditions.

Fixed leg Tripods

The fixed leg tripods are slowly making an exit in the market due to the limited features it has to offer. Unlike the adjustable leg tripods which are able to adjust each of its legs, the fixed tripods legs remain the same length and are not retractable.

A fixed tripod will only be able to perform on an already level surface which might mean having to purchase a second adjustable leg tripod to be able to complete your task. If your surfaces are level all the way then that is great but if you run into some uneven or slanted ground you are going to have a few problems.  It might be worth your while to consider whether this is the right tripod for you.

How to use a Laser Level with a Tripod

Follow these easy steps to use your laser level with a tripod

  • Mount your laser level onto the already set up tripod
  • Self-leveling laser levels are best for tripod use but you can calibrate your laser level using a standard spirit level to make sure it is level.
  • Turn the laser on and direct the beam onto the surface you need to level.
  • Once you have completed your task you can turn your laser level off and dismount it from the tripod.
  • Other Important Specs

A tripod is made up of three general components. First and most obvious are the legs of the tripod which can be either wood, steel aluminum or fiberglass.  Wood or fiberglasses are less sensitive to temperature change which makes them more accurate.

The points of the tripod provide the tripod with stability once your laser has been mounted.  For outside jobs the metal points are essential but can be removed when working indoors so as not to damage wood or tile floors. There are tripods on the market with rubber point for this reason.

Lastly there are three different types of tripod heads; Flat head, Dome head and Threaded Base.  The laser level tool you are using will be an indication of the type of tripod head you will need.  A flat head tripod is the most universal head in use on the market but please be sure before purchasing your tripod.


A tripod can greatly improve your laser level applications and we recommend purchasing a good quality wood or fiber glass adjustable tripod right off of the bat so that you can easily master those slippery slopes.

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