What Makes a good Snow Shovel?

There are a number of qualities that will turn an average shovel into a good snow shovel (click here for the main review). These include the kind of material used to make them, how much they weigh and how well they are constructed. An ergonomically designed snow shovel will not only help prevent injuries but also make your job more pleasant.

What are true Temper Snow Shovel?

true Temper Snow ShovelTrue Temper is a brand of snow shovel that has been around for a very long period of time, in fact more than 200 years. These are quality snow shovels and pushers that are especially designed to ensure that you do not put too much strain on your body as you work to clear your driveway of the snow Mother Nature has dumped on your doorstep.

How much does a Snow Shovel Cost?

Prices for snow shovels can vary quite substantially. The price will depend not only on the quality of material that is used, but also the style and design of the snow shovel. Your basic home use shovels will tend to be a little less expensive than your commercial grade offerings. Branding will also have an influence on the price of the snow shovel that you want. Prices can range between 10 dollars for a basic plastic snow shovel to more than 100 dollars for your wheeled ones.

Warranty, style and quality of materials all have a bearing on the prices of the snow shovels on offer. Bear in mind also that a ten dollar shovel however is not going to last you as long as a 100 dollar one and you may end up spending more as you need to replace it more often than your more expensive types.

What do you put on a Metal Snow Shovel to keep the Snow from Sticking?

If you live in one of the colder climates you will know that shoveling snow is a task that has to be done regularly if you are going to keep your driveway, sidewalks and other areas around your house free and clear of the white stuff. One of the greatest frustrations when shoveling snow is that it tends to cling to the blade of your shovel, no matter if you do.

You could bang your shovel against something hard to get these pesky clumps off your shovel, but you could damage your shovel in the process or you can follow these five simple options to prevent the snow from clinging to your shovel blade in the first place.

  • You need a lubricant in order to make the blade of your snow shovel less likely to hold onto clumps of snow. An easy thing to use here will be cooking spray. You will have to spray your shovel every time before you start shoveling to ensure that the snow will not stick to the shovel.
  • You can rub petroleum jelly onto your shovel. This will act as a lubricant. You must be sure to rub the petroleum jelly on the front and the back of the shovel and you will find that the snow will glide right off the blade easily relieving your frustrations. Petroleum jelly should last for a few shoveling sessions, however if you find that the snow starts to stick again, apply another layer of the jelly.
  • Using a multipurpose lubricant will do the trick here. Spray the entire blade of the shovel with the lubricant in order to ensure that the snow does not stick to it. With this option like the first one, you will have to spray the shovel every time you want to shovel.
  • Option four is to rub paraffin wax onto the blade of the shovel. This will stop snow accumulating on the shovel and allow it to slip right off the blade when tossing the snow. This is one of the cheapest options as paraffin wax is cheap and it is available in almost any of the craft stores around. It only needs to be applied once in a while to allow the snow the glide off the blade. Again if you find the snow starting to stick again, apply another layer.
  • The final option that you have to stop snow from sticking to your snow shovel is to use vegetable oil. This is a very simple and cheap option to use. Apply the oil to both the front and the back of the shovel in a thick layer, use a cloth to do this. The oil acts as a natural lubricant and will stop the snow from sticking. You will have to, as in some of the previous options, apply the oil each and every time you want to shovel as it will dry out between uses.


Shoveling snow is a necessary task for all who live in climates where mother nature throws down a lot of the white stuff every winter. Having the right tools and using different techniques will ensure that you get your driveway, sidewalk, deck and all other areas around your house free and clear of snow so you can go about your business.

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