Dewalt Pressure Washer Review

If you’re looking for a great pressure washer that can clean your home and garden with ease and power, you’re going to want to make sure that you buy the best model of pressure washer available. There are many different types of pressure washer, and determining which option is the ideal choice for your personal needs and preferences can be a vital part of ensuring that you get the best efficiency and performance out of your home or garden pressure washing experiences.

At Best of Machinery, we’ve tried out a selection of different pressure washers, and below you’ll find our review and buyers guide for one of our favorite options, the Dewalt Pressure Washer.

Quick Summary

The Dewalt Pressure Washer is a large and powerful heavy duty gas powered pressure washer that’s an excellent choice for powerful, efficient cleaning of large household areas such as more extensive garden patios or walls, as well as working well for industrial or professional cleaning jobs. This is a flexible, versatile, powerful option that offers high performance for a wide range of different large scale cleaning tasks.

Key Features

Featuring an impressive 4,200 PSI pressurizer, the Dewalt Pressure Washer is one of the most powerful domestic pressure washing options available in 2020. This is a large and durable pressure washer with a sturdy steel frame and chunky, dual sealed pneumatic tires for smooth travel over rougher surfaces. The 3/8 inch diameter pressure hose is an unusually long 50 feet in length, while the spray head features 5 interchangeable nozzles to fit different scenarios.


Durable Build

With a body made from 10 gauge steel and a subframe made from the same durable material, the Dewalt Pressure Washer is among the most durable pressure washers available, making it an excellent choice for heavy-duty cleaning projects such as industrial or larger scale garden cleaning projects, as it is more than capable of surviving heavy usage in rough conditions.

Large Wheels

The Dewalt Pressure Washer features large 13-inch wheels with double sealed pneumatic tires for added durability. These chunky, extra wide wheels allow it to be easily and smoothly moved across rougher surfaces with no issues, thanks to the high level of stability afforded by this design element.

Wide Range of Nozzles Included

The spray head of this heavy duty gas powered pressure washer features a quick connect element for easy switching between the range of alternate spray nozzles included with the Dewalt Pressure Washer. The five heads included cover a variety of different spray widths, ranging from 0 degrees for added power to a wide 40 degrees. In addition to this, the final head is specially designed for spraying soap, allowing easy detergent spreading for added speed and cleaning efficiency.

High Powered

The 4,200 PSI pressurizer element of the Dewalt Pressure Washer gives it an impressive level of cleaning power, allowing water to be blasted out at very high pressure for high-performance cleaning. This high pressure allows for efficient blasting away of dirt from even the most stubborn areas with ease.



The high power of the Dewalt Pressure Washer’s belt driven gas powered engine grants impressive cleaning performance, but this power also brings a high operating volume while the engine is running. It may not be as loud as certain other models, but the Dewalt Pressure Washer is undoubtedly not the quietest model of pressure washer on the market.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Dewalt Pressure Washer offers high performance, high powered pressure washing, making it an excellent choice for larger outdoor domestic pressure washing projects, allowing easy cleaning of large outdoor surfaces such as patios or walls at a high speed. This high power also makes it a good option for professional, industrial or commercial cleaning, covering all the bases to make the Dewalt Pressure Washer a good choice for almost any pressure washer user, no matter how large your cleaning tasks may be.

Why We Like It

Offering a wide range of advantages with almost no issues whatsoever, the Dewalt Pressure Washer is an impressive machine for most situations. Its impressively high maximum pressure allows it to clean more powerfully and effectively than most competing models of pressure washer, while its highly durable construction ensures that this will be a long lasting pressure washer that will stay faithful and reliable even through extended, intense use in sub-optimal conditions.

This pressure washer stands out from the crowd thanks to its incredible pressure and efficient cleaning and promises high performance for a long time to come.