California Air Tools 10020C Review & Buyers Guide


As featured on the Best of Machinery website, the California Air Tools 10020C is a sizeable, powerful and high horsepower fuelled air compressor. For big jobs on the go, this is a great low maintenance option that will help you to achieve any DIY solution when it comes to air compression issues. Working at 2HP but remaining impressively quiet, this oil-free air compressor is quick to complete even the most complex of jobs. Great for use in confined spaces where noise can be an issue or when you are in a built-up, residential area and do not want to contribute too much to the noise pollution of the area.

At just 70 decibels, you won’t find another air compressor that works to this standard, at this speed or that is capable of reaching this amount of PSI, any more quietly than the California Air Tools 10020C.  Using just 7 amps of power, this is not a needy machine and will not require lots of maintenance or looking after of any kind. It comes with two different quick connectors of a ¼ inch so that you are able to connect it safely and securely to any project.

It can reach a maximum of 125 PSI which is on the same levels as all other leading brands on the market and can be taken anywhere with you. It has sturdy, well-built wheels and carries its 10-gallon tank well wherever it may be that you need to undertake air compression work.

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Key Features

  • Dimensions of this air compressor: 16 x 15.1 x 35.9 inches
  • Weight of this compressor: 82.5 pounds
  • Amount of horsepower: 2HP
  • What is this air compressor made from: metal
  • The source of power: corded-electric
  • Maximum capacity of Ampage: 7A
  • Maximum noise: 70dB
  • Tank size: 10 gallons
  • Two quick connectors of a ¼ inch each
  • Portable
  • 2 wheels
  • Oil-free pump
  • Low maintenance, minimal repair costs


  • At just 70dB, this is a very quiet air compressor.
  • Running off 2HP, the California Air Tools 10020C is a very powerful compressor.
  • It is portable and can be wheeled or carried to any location needed.
  • The California Air Tools 10020C has an upright tank, often preferred by many frequent users.


  • This air compressor does not have the biggest of tank capacities which may be an inconvenience or of irritation to people undertaking bigger or more frequent jobs.
  • It is rather pricey when compared directly with other air compressors of the same capabilities.

Who Is It Suitable For?

  • The California Air Tools 10020C is suitable for people undertaking smaller or less frequent jobs as the tank size is limited.
  • For anyone who requires an air compressor unit that can be moved around, ideal for camping, sporting activities, home DIY projects.
  • This is a great air compressor if you are looking for a new machine that is capable of achieving any job but doing so quietly. This would benefit people in built-up areas wanting to reduce their noise pollution footprint or people who are working in enclosed spaces which do not want to impact their hearing.
  • A perfect solution for anyone, personally or professionally, who requires an air compressor but who do not want to have the inconvenience or expense of having to keep this gadget well maintained, serviced or repaired. It is a very durable, reliable and well-made compressor and rarely requires any human intervention.
  • An ideal air compressor for people who work outside a lot and may store their air compressor outside as it is able to start up even when it is at temperatures below freezing. This could be great for builders, mechanics, farmers, general laborers, etc.

Why We Like It

We like the California Air Tools 10020C because it won’t ever let you don’t. Whatever your project, whatever you require of this air compressor, whatever the starting temperature when you undertake a job, it will always come to life and help you to complete the job at hand. We love that despite it being so incredibly quiet that the power has not been decreased. It creates 30% less noise than the average air compressor which we love and so will your eardrums, whether you are a frequent user of this compressor or not.


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