Makita UC4051A Electric Chainsaw Review


Celebrating 100 years of innovation, the Makita brand is an established player in tools, accessories, and power equipment that serves over 40 countries as a global brand, with manufacturing plants operating in eight countries. This brand earns it trust as a true power-player in chainsaws that are made to deliver power, performance, and durability.

The Makita UC4051A saw is robust enough to cut through those large, hardwood logs, but easy enough for the smaller yard work like trimming branches and clearing brush. This particular mid-size saw is an all-around favorite, which brings us to take a look at what makes this one stand out among the rest in overall performance and durability in our review of the top ten best electric chainsaws.


This Makita 16″ Electric Chain Saw is built for fast-cutting, easy maintenance, and an overall efficient, confident sawing performance, without all the hassle of gas. The UC4051A chainsaw has a speed of 2900 FPM, providing effective cutting and trimming.

The motor contains a built-in current limiter which is engineered to protect the motor from damage caused by heat by lowering the power when the saw becomes overloaded, and an electric chain brake that will stop the chain whenever an improper contact is made for maximum productivity. In addition, the all-metal spikes at the saw’s base help add increased performance and cutting stability for any job type.

Additional features include an automatic chain oiler for producing oil on demand to the bar and chain to ensure durability and extend the life of the chain for heavy continuous cutting, and a large oil reservoir with a view window that will allow the operator to easily check the oil level.

For increased comfort, this chain saw has ergonomic rubberized handles that provide a comfortable, ergonomically-friendly grip for cutting in many different orientations and allows for less overall fatigue, and has a large trigger switch with soft start for easy, smooth start-ups.

Tool-Less Technology

There is a tool-less chain tensioning system in place which means you can adjust the tension of the fitted chain for convenience and easy maintenance. A saw’s chain will naturally stretch out after initial use, so this is an important aspect to keep in mind. Adjust the tension regularly to ensure a proper, efficient cutting experience and a long bar and chain life.

Also, it is good to know that adjusting a hot chain may become too tight when the chain cools down, so always be sure to check the tension before you use the saw, rather than right after. Since this chainsaw comes fitted with an automatic chain oiler, this gives an extra added convenience to not having to worry about manually oiling the chain before each cutting job.

Other Features

Considered a mid-level saw at 16 inches, the Makita UC4051A chainsaw is constructed very well and has a solid feel, good design and an all around impressive performance. With its many safety features and easy maneuvering and grip, this saw will provide a great fit for the more experienced saw masters, but it is still lighter in weight than the larger or gas models and safe enough for the first-timers as well.


Why We Liked It

Makita has been around for a long time and is known for providing the highest of safety standards to all of its outdoor products. The UC4051A chainsaw has received many great reviews on its safety and performance. Backed by a one-year warranty, every Makita tool is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the factory, and they will provide a 30-day money back or replacement guarantee.

This chainsaw lives up to its reputation and gave us a great, all-around sawing performance, impressive with giving sturdy, even cuts and great control. The easy grip made the work a much nicer experience, and the safety features gave us confidence that the job would be done efficiently and without issue.


For light or detailed yard work or for sawing logs at the campground, the Makita UC4051A chainsaw is designed to cut fast and cut right. With its chain speed of 2,900 Feet Per Minute, you know this is a highly productive tool. With it’s extra safety features, ergonomic, comfortable grip, and automatic chain oiling system, this chainsaw makes a great option when it’s time to upgrade to a better model, or for a first-time buyer.

  • Powerful for a mid-size saw
  • Great safety features
  • Nice, comfortable grip
  • Tool-less chain tension
  • Easy startup

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