Westinghouse WGen5500 Portable Generator Review


Since 1886, Westinghouse has been bringing the best to life with innovative products, including portable generators that range in power up to 10,000 watts. The most common type of generator for households are in the 5000 watt range because these will provide enough power to run the most vital appliances and devices like refrigerators, heaters, lights, and computers. This WGen Portable Generator runs on 5500 watts and 6850 peak watts, providing more than enough for powering the average household necessities. In our review we talk about what this generator offers in terms of durability, power, and value.


This WGen 5500 portable generator is packed with many innovative features for a great value. This portable unit comes with its own oil, oil funnel, a tool kit, and a comprehensive users manual for utilizing the unit directly out of the box with only minimum assembly required.

Westinghouse designed their powerful engine to be reliable and long-lasting, with an overhead valve system incorporated that allows the engine to run more economically that uses less fuel, and runs at a cooler temperature than other conventional side valve engines. It also features a Long-Lasting Cast Iron Sleeve with an Automatic Low Oil Shutdown that prevents any damage to the engine’s core components when the oil is down below the minimum level, preventing catastrophic damage.

The control panel contains a digital hour meter that makes it easy to gauge performance, and perform regular maintenance, that ensures a longer life and better operating generator. The WGen5500 engine is EPA III approved and CARB-compliant, which allows for operation in all 50 states.

Another clever feature about this generator is that it is made for easy, convenience transporting with roll bars and a steel frame that offers a variety of other options for transporting and securing the generator. In addition there are two GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) 5-20R 120 volt household duplex receptacles, and one L14-30R 120/240 volt twist-lock receptacles, and all outlet covers include rubber covers for extra added safety – to protect the unit from the environment and inclement conditions.


Lightweight, quiet, and easy to start, this Westinghouse generator (and all their other portable generators) have intuitive yellow touch points that are there to provide easy guidance through the starting process. It is also transfer-switch ready, meaning that there is a convenient 120/240 volt L14-30 twist lock outlet which allows you to connect this portable unit directly to your home through a manual transfer switch, allowing power to all your necessary appliances as you need them the most.

Rave Reviews

Backed by several positive reviews and online feedback, this unit bears testimony to the great line of products and service provided by Westinghouse. The Westinghouse WGen Series is an innovative line of conventional, open-frame generators that are perfect for using for the home, camping, and for emergency backups. It also has the protection of a 3-Year Limited Warranty. Westinghouse offers Nationwide Customer Service and Support for all its clients. This portable generator model is perfect for those in need of reliable power on the go.

Why We Liked It

We loved how this unit was just about ready to go right out of the box, and the touch points were great for guiding us through the starting process, which was easier than expected. Within 15 seconds of starting the generator, we had our AC, lights, refrigerator, and microwave running smoothly for about 14 hours – quite an impressive run.


The Westinghouse WGen5500 portable generator is a great addition if you are searching for a more powerful, durable mid-size unit for your needs, but still want great fuel efficiency, portability, and an overall consistent experience for your household, camping excursion, or tailgating party. Westinghouse is one of the most trusted names in power equipment, including their many lines of portable generators.

  • Large tank
  • Easy transport
  • Convenient hookup
  • Long-lasting

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