Makita 4131 Metal Circular Saw Review


If you’re looking for one of the best products on the market, the Makita 4131 7 ¼” 13-Amp Metal Cutting Saw is just what the doctor ordered. When you purchase a tool made by Makita, you expect it to deliver results and be built to last. This power tool delivers in both categories. With the Makita 4131, they’ve succeeded in placing an impressive amount of power in your hands while also giving you one of the lightest and most durable options in its class.

When you are looking for a circular saw you want something that is well-built, easy to use, performs precise, quality cuts, and offers a bit of versatility. The good news is that the Makita 43131 receives high scores in all of these categories.

In our review of the Makita 4131 we took a look at what this impressive tool has to offer, including its construction, features, power, and what’s included. We were very impressed about what we found and after reading our comprehensive review, we’re betting that you will be too.

The Makita 4131 is lightweight, weighing in at just 11.3 lbs. don’t let the light weight fool you. It is made of durable materials that should withstand years of heavy use. And while it’s good that this tool is lighter than its competitors, that wouldn’t mean anything if it wasn’t powerful. Thankfully, the Makita 4131 is surprisingly efficient at handling any demanding project.

With 13 amps of power, the Makita 4131 is capable of producing a no-load speed of 3,500 RPM, making it more powerful than other more cumbersome options on the market. And with its patented CERMET tipped blade, it is capable of slicing through most metals with virtually spark-free cuts and minimal heat build-up.

The Makita 4131 can cut ¼” thick steel at 3,500 RPM, which means you’ll literally be slicing through projects in no time. While tool exceeds at handling thick steel, it also is ideal for almost any other application including pipe, angle iron, rebar, or conduit.

The Makita 4131 comes equipped with a CERMET tipped blade—a special ceramic mixture—that is heat resistant, enabling it to last longer than the traditional carbide tipped blades on the market. With a no-load speed of 3,500 RPM, it has the power to cut through multiple sheets at once while creating minimal sparks. Plus, clean-up is a breeze thanks to the built in chip collector.

What Features Does It Offer?

The Makita 4131 runs on a powerful 13 amp motor capable of no-load speeds up to 3,500 RPM and has a maximum cut depth of 2 ½”. This makes it ideal for steel roofing, conduit, iron piping, rebar, and more. It comes equipped with a CERMET tipped blade—a special ceramic mixture—that is heat resistant, allowing it to last longer than other carbide tipped blades available on the market.

With this power, you can cut through multiple sheets at once while creating virtually no sparks. This specially-formulated blade produces clean, burr-free cuts that are cool to the touch, allowing you to use your workpiece as soon as you cut it.

The Makita 4131 also comes with a number of useful features that will ensure you are more productive. A heavy duty blade cover provides added chip protection. And when you don’t want to use the blade cover, it comes off easily thanks to a tool-less blade cover removal feature. This quick-release blade guard lever also allows you to quickly perform plunge cuts without having to make time-consuming adjustment.

And Makita has made sure that clean-up is easy thanks to the inclusion of a built-in chip collector. Speaking of chips, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up that much once your project is done because the Makita 4131 comes with a built-in chip collector.

What Accessories are Included?

The Makita 4131 comes with the Makita 4131 13-Amp circular saw, a 36-tooth CERMET blade, a hex wrench, wrench holder, manual, and safety goggles. This ensures that you are ready to dive into your next project right out of the box.

Why We Liked It

The Makita 4131 is another strong offering from the company. Heavy tools cause fatigue and decrease productivity but weighing in at only 11.3 lbs, the Makita 4131 is the lightest option in its class.

This wouldn’t matter if it didn’t perform well but Makita has managed to put an incredible amount of power in this ultra-light tool ensuring that it doesn’t only perform as well as many of its larger competitors—it exceeds them. With 3,500 RPM of no-load speed and a 2 ½” cut depth, the Makita 4131 is a sturdy option that is versatile enough to use in countless applications.


If you’re on the market for a reliable power tool with the ability to produce burr-free, clean cuts, the Makita 4131 comes highly recommended. Lightweight but durable, it provides remarkable power while being easier to manage than some of its heavier and less powerful competitors. With an impressive 13 amp motor capable of a no-load output of 3,500 RPM and a long-lasting 7 ¼” CERMET blade, you can tackle a wide variety of projects with this one tool in your arsenal.

  • 2 ½” deep cut capacity makes it great for single pass cuts
  • Virtually spark-free cuts
  • At 11.3lbs, the Makita 4131 is one of the lightest options on the market
  • Powerful 13 amp motor

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