STANLEY STHT77340 Cross Line Laser Review


The STANLEY STHT77340 Cross Line Laser is ideal for Diy projects and lightweight residential construction jobs like leveling chair railings and hanging cabinets.  It projects bright vertical and horizontal beams onto any flat surface.  The laser has quite an accurate range which makes a great tool for any tradesman’s tool box.  It has a compact and light weight design which makes it easy to transport and utilize indoors or outdoors.  Both the vertical and horizontal cross beams are self leveling which makes it very user friendly and also extremely accurate.

Technical Specs

The device comes with a Quick Link Bracket and Mounting system   and is accurate for up to +/- 5/16 inches at a range of 40 meters.  AN integrated locking pendulum helps to prevent internal damage to any of the diode components when the laser is being transported while not in use. This is a Class 1 laser product with a Power output of 1mW.  The thin red beams project in front of the laser in cross formation and both are self leveling while you can get exact height projections with the use of a tripod.  The device will fit onto a ¼ inch 20 thread universal tripod.


 The unit is designed to level and align applications both vertically and horizontally.  The unit is self-leveling with a working range of 40 ft.  It has a pendulum locking device to ensure that the laser and its internal components are safe while in transit.  Powered by two AA batteries, this unit will give you affair amount of hour’s worth of work before needing to change the batteries.  Product dimensions are 8.2 x6.4×2.2 inches with a weight of 1.5 pounds.  This makes it another small compact laser worth looking at if you are in need of a tool to assist you with your DIY projects.


 Light weight and compact yet sturdy and durable, this laser is yellow and black in color and has a cube shape to it.  It is made of durable hardcover plastic which protects the laser form dust and water to a certain degree.  It will also survive minor shocks and bumps along the way but some care should be taken as to not let it drop from more than a meter high.  A pendulum lock mechanism keeps the diode and its internal compartments stable and secure while not in use or when traveling.


For use in and around the house, this laser performs indoors as well as outdoors.  It can be applied vertically or horizontally onto any flat surface for common aligning and leveling purposes.  This tool is liked by average DIY users as well as skilled tradesmen and can be used for your entire home renovating jobs and DIY weekend building projects.  It can also be used for basic leveling such as hanging wall are and decals or cabinets and chair rails.

Other Important Specs

This unit features a unique QuickLink bracket and mounting system which allows the device to link into multiple product mounting slots.  This gives you more versatile working options as the device can be mounted on a thread clamp measuring ¼ inches.  Its accurate range of 40 meters at +/- 5/16 inches makes it a very accurate tool for accomplishing level alignments. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and batteries are included.

Why We Liked It

The Stanley STHT77340 Cross Line Laser projects highly visible horizontal and vertical lines on to any flat surface.  Compact lightweight design with a Quick link bracket for easy mounting.  Accurate at 40 ft and is self leveling.  Limited lifetime warranty with a locking pendulum mechanism to protect from internal damage.


  • Quick link bracket mount
  • Self leveling
  • Accurate for up to 40 ft
  • Battery operated

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